New Robotic Educational Package gives students hands-on training in robotics

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New Robotic Educational Package gives students hands-on training in robotics

ABB Robotics has developed a "robotic educational package" allowing schools, colleges and universities to purchase a complete robot package at an affordable cost for hands-on teaching of programming and operational concepts in the classroom and lab.

Using the same technology used in a range of industrial applications, ABB's educational package will give students the opportunity to learn the skills needed to effectively manage modern robotic manufacturing systems. The package includes the IRB 120, ABB's smallest ever robot; the IRC5 Compact Controller; and 50 licenses for RobotStudio, ABB's simulation and offline programming software. An additional software bundle is also available as an option.

"With robots playing a vital role in improving the efficiency and competitiveness of manufacturers in an expanding variety of industries, schools need an affordable means to teach modern manufacturing concepts and encourage more students to pursue engineering and manufacturing careers," says Joe Campbell, vp of the ABB Robot Products Group in the U.S.

Occupying a surprisingly small amount of space suitable for placement in classrooms, the robot, controller and software provide students training and real-life experience on:

• How industrial robots operate

• The design and control principles of industrial robots

• The design and control principles of robotic work cells

• Programming ABB robots using RobotStudio

• Robotic cell hazards, health and safety and maintenance requirements

Application specific functions such as robotic welding and plasma cutting; picking, packing and palletizing; machine tending, materials handling and product assembly; and advanced vision-related programming.

Campbell adds, "ABB has helped establish robotic training programs at several leading technical schools. Our goal with the new educational package is to extend our reach to schools of all sizes and budgets, continuing to help equip the engineers of tomorrow on the grass roots level with the skills needed to succeed in the automated manufacturing marketplace."

More detail on the components of the robotic educational package:

The IRB120 robot features a light, aluminum structure. Weighing just 25kg, it is easily portable and ideal where space is at a premium in classrooms or practical work areas.

The IRC5 Compact controller transforms offline programming into online performance. Featuring sophisticated motion control technology, the controller ensures that the routines programmed into RobotStudio are mirrored on the production line.

ABB's simulation and offline programming software, RobotStudio, enables students to prepare realistic simulations of real-life robotic applications. The package includes 50 user licenses, enabling 50 simultaneous users at any one time.

ABB also provides a number of interactive ways for budding robot programmers to share and learn. With the RobotStudio community students can explore the latest discussions, post ideas, share and download simulations and learn about the latest product updates.

Exclusive software bundle (optional): 13 additional software functions are available in a cost-effective bundle, including SoftMove, Multitasking and Collision Detection.

In recent years ABB has been instrumental in establishing and equipping robotic training centers at a number of leading technical schools such as Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN; Fox Valley Technical College, Oshkosh, WI; and the Alabama Robotics Technology Park, Tanner, AL.


For more information on ABB's robotic educational package please call 248-391-8400.


Source: ABB Robotics



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