Robot fixes fermenting packaging operations for brewery

January 29, 2014

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Robot fixes fermenting packaging operations for brewery

Pyraser Bier GmbH & Co. KG, a Thalmassing, Germany-based brewery, brews and sells a variety of beers other beverages. Due to an increasingly competitive market, Pyraser decided to revamp its packaging operations. The company needed a packaging solution that would reduce cycle times and optimize processes. It decided on two six-axis KR 150 robots from Kuka Robotics Corp. (

Equipped with pneumatic grippers, each robot works one shift three days per week. The robots have reduced floorspace requirements by approximately 1,614.5 sq ft compared to conventional operations, while costs have remained the same.

The process comprises one robot taking four crates filled with empty bottles from the roller conveyor, lifting out all 80 bottles and placing the bottles on a conveyor belt. Simultaneously, the second robot takes the same number of filled bottles from a belt, placing them in four empty crates and then putting the crates back on the conveyor system. The robots require just less than 10 sec to complete one cycle.

Periodically, bottles are positioned in the crates upside down, preventing the robot from gripping them. The robot compensates by moving at only 10 percent of its normal velocity after two failed attempts to grip the bottles. At the same time, it increases the pressure of its sturdy wrist. The robot can then engage its gripper hooks in the crates and lift them off.

Kuka Robotics Corp., 866/873-5852.

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