Opici taps bag-in-box for thrifty Homemade wine

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Opici taps bag-in-box for thrifty Homemade wine


Opici taps bag-in-box for thrifty Homemade wine

Opici "Homemade" Barberone has shed its venerable glass jug for a more efficient, Earth-friendly bag-in-box (BIB).


"For many years, the 4-liter jug was the only way to dispense an everyday wine at a fair cost," explains Don Opici, Managing Director of Opici Wines. "But today's bag-in-box format makes the most sense in terms of efficiency, affordability and doing what's best for Mother Earth."

While Homemade is still available in 3-liter glass, the new glossy black box is a better value-and better for the environment. BIB uses 91 percent less packaging, 70 percent less greenhouse gases and is 100 percent recyclable-and it stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening. Opici Homemade comes in 3-liter (SRP $19.50) and 5-liter ($24.50) versions, and retains the kitschy-cool, cartoon label that has been familiar to bargain-hunting wine drinkers for generations. 

What's inside the box is also new: the wine is now a D.O. Valencia, Spain, made from 100 percent Tempranillo. The most fervent fans of Homemade Barberone might notice the difference, but are likely to welcome it.

"The Homemade blend has changed several times over the years depending on the availability of grapes," says Opici, "and this time, we were able to find very good quality in Spain. We worked hard to duplicate the traditional, slightly sweet, food-friendly flavor profile."

The move to wine from Spain-and in a box-came about in response to customer demand. Two years ago, Homemade Barberone moved from a 4-liter jug to 3-liter due to escalating costs. "It didn't go over well, to say the least," Opici admits. "People said they were paying the same price for less wine. So we began an open-minded, worldwide search to find a solution."

After researching dozens of suppliers and container types in four continents, a supplier in Spain provided the most sensible and efficient solution.

"It took some 'out of the box' thinking to put wine in the box," Opici says.

Source: Opici Wines


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