RFID in packaging: New stock RFID for box and pallet tagging

April 2, 2015

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RFID in packaging: New stock RFID for box and pallet tagging

RFID systems developer Rfidium announced the availability of the "Leprechaun", a new RFID tag designed specifically for box and pallet tagging on cardboard boxes or polymeric containers. 

With a read range of better than 4.2m (14') in free-space propagation and 36dBm EIRP at the reader antennas measured on corrugated cardboard boxes, the Leprechaun is designed for inventory and trace-back tracking of a variety of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and commodity applications.

"The Leprechaun represents a leap forward in box and pallet tagging," said Anh Hoang, General Manager of Rfidium. "By combining environmentally responsible manufacturing and cost-effectiveness with exceptional performance, we are able to give our customers a good alternative to other RFID pallet and box tags."

The Leprechaun is designed to work across a wide variety of packaging types and package contents. Even though its footprint is relatively small, greater amounts of metal area make it less susceptible to influence by the materials being tracked. In addition, the Leprechaun is an aluminum antenna inlay, complying with strict WEEE and RoHS environmental requirements and minimizing environmental impact for greener operations.

It's also compliant to ASTM D 4169, Loose Cargo, Commercial Temperature and Vibration Levels. Available in high yield dry rolls that easily integrate into high volume conversion processes, the Leprechaun is 100 percent read tested with marked non-compliant inlays.



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