Don't worry; it's not disgusting

January 30, 2014

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Don't worry; it's not disgusting

149276-pdx0804dtrends9.jpgMomSpit is the universal, no-rinse cleanser for hands and face. “Everyone has had a Mom use spit to clean his or her face or anything else that required polishing,” says Kim Dixon, cofounder of MomSpit, LLC, Blaine, MN. “That's the original 'mom spit.' We all thought its inevitable and frequent use was disgusting, but we could only smile fondly as history repeated itself, when we started using our own spit with our own children.” Enter MomSpit for the times when you need to clean up dirt, grime or a sticky situation and don't have soap and water and a sink handy. It's inspired by the original, “but contains no human saliva, because that would just be gross,” says Dixon. MomSpit was introduced last summer and is currently sold in independent boutique retailers throughout the U.S., online through its website and by It is available in 2-oz and 7-oz moussing bottles in three unisex scents: Fig & Green Tea; Lemon & White Tea; and Unscented. The bottles sell for $9.00 and $18.00, respectively.

Key to the packaging are the M3 and F2 Airspray pump foamers from Rexam Airspray, Inc. ( that create foam without the use of gas propellants. The M3 is used on the 2-oz bottle, while the F3 is used on the 7-oz bottle. Their patented foaming technology precisely mixes liquid and air, resulting in a dose of high quality foam with each single stroke. Rexam Airspray also supplies the high-density polyethylene bottles, which are silk screened with product information. “No matter how big you are, new-product success in today's marketplace depends upon an exciting, creative, offering that captures consumers' attention and meets a real need,” says MomSpit cofounder Lucie Hunter. “These foamers are an integral part of MomSpit cleansers' appeal. They are fun to use, look great, work flawlessly and deliver with outstanding quality and efficiency. And our cleansers work like magic.”

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