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June 9, 2017

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Ecommerce packaging needs to take sustainability into account

Minimizing product damage, reducing waste and addressing food safety concerns are three challenging areas for packaging professionals—especially when the distribution is through the rough and tumble small-parcel ecommerce environment. A panel of experts—all members of the environmental and policy packaging group AMERIPEN (the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment)—will present solutions at EastPack 2017 (June 13-15; New York City).

On Wed., June 14, from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. at Center Stage (Booth 1676), the free session “Applying Big Picture Thinking to Ecommerce Packaging” will examine various aspects of the related value chain, including the impacts of the product, the package, the delivery process and end-of-life scenarios.

Our three experts (left to right in the image below) will each cover an aspect of this growing supply chain as it relates to sustainability and packaging:

Jim Lowry, director of new business development and technology for Sonoco, will start off the presentations with an overview of how we got to where we are today. He’ll also discuss the trend toward large, durable product delivery via ecommerce and the role of packaging—especially when it comes to damage control.

Next, John Wolf, vp, global marketing, Product Care Div. for Sealed Air, will discuss how the “Big Picture,” life-cycle analysis (LCA) approach helps brands get the most product protection with the least amount of protective materials, proving that source reduction is still the best way to eliminate waste. Wolf will share statistics from Sealed Air’s latest consumer survey, pointing out areas for opportunities for better consumer interaction and better economics.

Finally, Jonathan Quinn, market development manager, food packaging, for NOVA Chemicals, will discuss “the good, the bad and the opportunity” of meal kit delivery, especially as it applies to food safety, freshness, preparation and waste reduction. Quinn will walk us through the ecommerce supply chain—which is a bit more confusing than people might realize—and will identify prospects for improving transport packaging.


(Left to right) Lowry, Wolf and Quinn.

As moderator, I’ll be asking some important questions, such as:

• Why should brand owners care about packaging for ecommerce fulfillment? Aren’t most products shipping from a third party, like Amazon?

• Where are most brands focusing their attention first as it relates to ecommerce packaging and why there?

• What special requirements do product returns place on the shipping packaging and how does that impact tertiary packaging choices?

What burning questions do you have? Come join us for an energizing 45-minute discussion on one of the hottest topics in packaging!

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