New protective packaging cuts costs and offers eco benefits for VW

David Bellm

January 30, 2014

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New protective packaging cuts costs and offers eco benefits for VW
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Volkswagen South America protective packaging for engine parts

Besides manufacturing automobiles for the European market, Volkswagen South Africa is a major automobile parts and engine-block manufacturer for automakers worldwide. In the past, VW has used oil coatings to protect parts. Now, using Intercept Technology Packaging, VW SA saves on the use of oils, clean up, disposal, and avoids carbon emissions.

The savings were proven during the process of implementation, and further savings are anticipated in plants receiving these Intercept-wrapped engines and blocks. Proving that “Green” can be cost effective, substantial savings in the total manufacturing cost was achieved, which will lead to changes in the production process and allow for further cost reduction for Volkswagen.

As a result of these efforts, VW SA has received this year’s environmental award from the Eastern Cape Region (South Africa) Chamber of Commerce for its efforts in reducing corrosion protective oil coatings and carbon emissions through the use of the new packaging.

SOURCE: Liberty Packaging

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