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February 7, 2018

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The Recycling Challenge puts experts to the test

How good are you at identifying what packages are recyclable or should be trashed? Are you willing to put your reputation to the test? The Recycling Challenge game at WestPack 2018 (Feb. 6-8; Anaheim, CA) will award three players with prizes.

Attendees to WestPack 2018 can play The Recycling Challenge. Simply visit booth #5593 anytime during the three-day event. Contestants will be given a variety of real packages used in a typical household and asked to sort them into three bins: one for recycling, one for store drop-off recycling only and one for garbage destined for the landfill. The Recycling Challenge only takes a couple minutes to complete, but the lesson will linger.

The Recycling Challenge, designed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, shows packaging professionals—in a fun way—how confusing it can be for consumers to know what to do with empty packages. SPC senior manager Trina Matta will conduct the game.

“The game is designed to teach packaging professionals that it is not always straightforward how to recycle a package, and that on-package labels like How2Recycle are critical in helping people recycle more materials and reduce contamination of the recycling stream,” Matta says. “Some of what makes packaging ‘not recyclable’ are things not visible to the naked eye, so even experts don’t always know just by looking at a package. The label helps clarify those hidden things.”


Everyone who plays the game will be entered into a drawing for three Amazon gift cards. Players must supply their names, phone numbers and email addresses so we can contact the winners after the event. Of course you need to be present to play, but if you are a lucky winner, you do not need to be present to receive your prize.

Sign up now to attend WestPack 2018 (click the link) and make plans to take The Recycling Challenge. Bring your besties with you to cheer you on.

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