Chew on this: Packaging trends for new sweets and snacks

By Jenni Spinner in Food Packaging on May 30, 2018

Candy and snacks are big business in this country. The industry boasts approximately $35 billion in annual sales, accounts for 465,000 jobs and brings about $10 billion in tax dollars into the U.S. Treasury’s coffers, according to the National Confectioners Assn. (NCA).

This booming business took center stage in Chicago’s McCormick Place May 22-24 at NCA’s 2018 Sweets & Snacks Expo. During the event, more than 800 manufacturers showed off their latest and greatest products across 4 acres of exhibit and seminar floor space. According to the show company, nearly 18,000 industry pros from more than 90 countries traveled to the Windy City to see all the latest product debuts, packaging innovations and hot flavors.

Here are 10 nifty new items and fascinating trends on display at the show:

Page 1. Contrasting ideas

Page 2. Solo snacking

Page 3. Cake bites

Page 4. Downsized delectables

Page 5. Multi-part munchies

Page 6. Same candy, new format

Page 7. Fun with branding

Page 8. Makeover time

Page 9. Hip chicks

Page 10. Rice is nice



1. Contrasting ideas

Snack manufacturers have long put their savory and sweet treats in shiny film and foil bags and pouches. Recently, brands started trying out matte-finish packages to impart a smoother look. At this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo, multiple makers showed off packs with a mix of matte and spot-coated elements, offering an interesting contrast. Companies opting for this bold graphic effect include Mozaics Chips natural and organic snacks, and 4505 Meats pork cracklings.



Production efficiencies, ecommerce challenges, sustainability trends, new bioplastic technologies and more are among the topics on the agenda at the new Packaging Education Hub at EastPack 2018 (June 12-14; NYC). This free educational program will have more than 15 hours of can’t-miss presentations, demonstrations and hands-on activities. Register to attend for free today!

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