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November 18, 2015

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5 hot new machines for your packaging operation

User-friendly features and attention to top performance make these new packaging systems stand out across a range of product categories: conveying, inspecting, flow wrapping, coding and case forming/sealing.

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Portable conveyor (photo above)

It’s not just people who are on the go. This lightweight belt conveyor is designed to be mobile. It is assembled and sold in 12.6-inch sections that can be connected in lengths up to 100 feet. The automated portable conveyor (APC) can also be configured in inclines or declines of up to 20 degrees. The APC is reversible, comes with a variable frequency drive and can move up to 750 lbs. per 75-feet of conveyor length.

Automated Conveyor Co., SouthPack 2015 Booth 853

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X-ray inspection system

The X5c X-ray inspection system touts an intuitive icon-based 8-inch color touchscreen operating system that allows direct control of the machine, including product learn, reject settings, images, scheduled maintenance and more. The compact unit has a 30% smaller footprint than the company’s X5 SpaceSaver X-ray machine yet also offers an ultra-hygienic design for food, pharmaceutical and other packaging operations.  Sloping surfaces prevent food particles and washdown droplets from accumulating in crevices and reduce drying time.

Loma Systems, SouthPack 2015 Booth 905

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Case former/sealer

The WFPS 5150 semi-automatic system brings together two separate machines into one compact and economical solution for case forming, packing and sealing by a single operator. (1) A BEL 505 case former/pack station, because of its modular design, can be customized but delivered to you “at an off-the-shelf lead time and price,” according to the manufacturer’s website. It allows the operator to form and load cases and them feed them into the (2) BEL 150 pressure-sensitive case sealer. This automatic taper seals the top and bottom of cases at speeds up to 30 cases per minute and adjusts easily to accommodate a variety of case sizes.

Piedmont National (distributor for WexxarBel), SouthPack 2015 Booth 902

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Hygienic flow wrapper

The Rose Forgrove Merlin Blu stainless steel horizontal wrapper encourages debris to slide off its curvy surfaces, minimizing product build up and improving its sanitation. Additionally, no tools are needed to remove the infeed catch tray and the guarding. The system also features several user-friendly features, including an icon-based operator interface. The 5.7-inch color touchscreen helps make set ups and changeovers intuitive, repeatable and fast. With a single jaw, the machine produces 100 packs per minute. Twin jaws double that output.

Hayssen Flexible Systems, SouthPack 2015 Booth 905

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Easy-to-use inkjet coder

The Zanasi Z4700 small-character inkjet coder comes with easy-to-use Orkestra software that can customize the user interface for a single operator. The system—which can be integrated or connected through Ethernet, USB and serial ports—prints up to four lines of text, bar codes or images at speeds up to 1,320 feet per minute on primary and secondary packages using a variety of inks, including soy-based ink.

MSM Packaging Solutions (distributor for I.D. Systems Inc.), SouthPack 2015 Booth 1128

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