A New Way to Tune Up Your Packaging Line

With a little help from an artificial friend, Changeover Wizard John Henry belts one out.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

April 10, 2024

1 Min Read
Packaging machinery in a song

If you’re a happy packaging engineer and you know it, write a song.

The man who has written the book on packaging machinery has now written his first song about packaging machinery: “The Rhythm of the Factory Floor”.

With a bit of downtime on his calendar, John Henry of Changeover.com found the free app Suno and started playing around. Suno is an artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to help anyone “Make a song about anything.”

“It is really amazing,” Henry says. “It is not exactly great music — the words don’t quite align with the music. But the amazing thing is how not not-great it is. It is the kind of thing that a good musician could use as a first draft and turn into something.”

Henry opted for the bluegrass genre, for a foot-tappin’ romp through two verses and a chorus.

LISTEN HERE: https://app.suno.ai/song/79d041de-4dfb-48e8-89f7-a742da304f2c

“I was not a big believer in AI until I started fooling with it,” Henry admits. “Now I’m completely blown away by the possibilities.”

Ah, don’t quit your day job, John. But while not quite the successful duo as Simon and Garfunkel or Lennon and McCartney, Henry and AI did put a smile on my face!

What have you got to sing about?

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