Packaging Possibilities: Remote Machine Servicing Has a Surprise Reward

Like telemedicine visits, remote servicing for packaging machines and packaging lines skyrocketed during this past pandemic-year. What’s the likelihood that this will become the new normal? Pretty high, especially when you consider its hidden advantage.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

April 14, 2021

1 Min Read
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Packaging machinery guru John R. Henry laments the sorry state of available packaging engineers today: “We can’t find skilled people! We can’t find skilled people!”

That’s why, in this 17-minute podcast, he lauds a remarkable benefit of all the remote servicing that happened during the past year, which was mostly forced upon plants because of the COVID-19 pandemic: Better communication between plant and OEM techs seems to be helping improve the training and skill level of the plant mechanics themselves.

That’s one of many insights during my conversation with John Henry, changeover wizard at He adeptly answers other questions, such as:

• Over the last year, because of COVID-19, people in manufacturing plants were more accepting of remote servicing for packaging machinery and packaging lines. How much more accepting?

• What were some of the concerns of remote servicing before the pandemic that either didn’t matter because of COVID-19 or became less important?

• Will remote servicing continue at these higher levels? Why or why not?



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