Coffee pours into self-contained brewing system

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Coffee pours into self-contained brewing system
Natures Coffee Kettle pouch


Natures Coffee Kettle pouch

If you're a fan of camping, you most likely have risen, emerged from your tent and enjoyed a cup of coffee by the campfire. However, the process of making that cuppa joe typically is complicated and leads to a substandard beverage with grounds lurking in the liquid.

The folks at Nature's Coffee Kettle came up with an inventive system designed to simplify and upgrade the experience of drinking coffee in the great outdoors. 

"Our customers brew 32 ounces of gourmet coffee when they are on-the-go," says Matt Hustedt, Nature's Coffee Kettle founder. "We needed a package that attracted not only outdoor enthusiasts, but people who really care about drinking delicious coffee."

To use, the consumer pours hot water into the pouch and through a self-contained filter pack filled with freshly roasted ground coffee. After a few minutes, grasping a two-finger die-cut handle, the coffee drinker pours the drip-brewed coffee through a second spouted opening to fill the mug. The insulating properties of the custom engineered multilayer flexible pouch allow the user to safely handle the pouch even when boiling water is poured inside.

The pouch, produced by Flair Flexible Packaging (, bears photo-quality, full-coverage graphics and an ergonomic die-cut pour handle.

"Now our packaging does double duty-as a kettle and a billboard," says Hustedt.


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