Clarifier for Polypropylene Approved by FDA

January 30, 2014

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Clarifier for Polypropylene Approved by FDA

Ciba® IRGACLEAR® XT 386 high-performance clarifier for polypropylene has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at a new, higher concentration of up to 250 ppm in polypropylene random copolymers and homopolymers. The extended upper limit applies to all conditions of use from high (A) to low temperature (H), as well as to all food contact applications.

“With its ultra-low migratory system, IRGACLEAR® XT 386 is recommended in amounts as small as 150 to 200 ppm,” said Vincent Gugumus, Product Manager for Nucleating Agents and Clarifiers in Ciba’s Plastic Additives Segment. “The 250-ppm extended upper limit therefore more than adequately allows for qualification of clarified polypropylene for FDA-approved food contact applications.”

Based on an innovative proprietary clarifying technology, IRGACLEAR® XT 386 is not only highly effective in low amounts, in contrast to the older technologies available on the market, which require concentrations of 1500-2000 ppm: it also combines high clarity of polypropylene products with improved organoleptic properties compared to conventional clarifier technologies, making it ideal for clarified polypropylene used in the packaging of food and other sensitive products.

The product’s thermal stability of more than 380°C prevents the generation and potential migration of undesired chemicals, both during processing and under challenging conditions such as micro-wave food reheating. High thermal stability also allows the application of clarified polypropylene to be extended to more demanding types of packaging, says the company.

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