New breed of flexible packaging debuts on shelves

January 30, 2014

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New breed of flexible packaging debuts on shelves
Eagle NVIRO flexible packaging


Eagle NVIRO flexible packaging

Eagle Flexible Packaging Inc. announces that Steve's Real Food pet food brand has adopted the company's NVIRO Flexible Packaging, comprised of renewable and compostable materials, printed and laminated with low VOC water-based inks and adhesives. Steve's Real Food, a raw dog food manufacturer committed to upholding stringent environmental standards, chose NVIRO Flexible Packaging because they wanted to take a leadership position with their packaging, just as they do with the food that goes in it.

"I really wanted a solution that was green, not just one that sounded green." Says Nicole Lindsley, Project Manager at Steve's Real Food. Eagle Flexible Packaging had just that - Eagle introduced Steve's to NVIRO Flexible Packaging, a highly unique product that is green from the zipper to the sealant. NVIRO Flexible Packaging utilizes materials derived from renewable resources - corn and plant starches, which allow it to compost in a municipal composting environment. The new Steve's bag is also produced using water based inks which are lower in volatile organic compounds (less than 5 percent VOCs).

In addition to environmental standards, Steve's Real Food also considers consumer convenience in its package design. The new package incorporates a ZIP-PAK Press-to-Close solution made from the same compostable material as the pouch film, ensuring consumers can easily open and re-close the package during use and then compost it.

"As a new flexible packaging company in 1994 the decision to use Low VOC water-based inks and adhesive systems had more to do with creating a safe work environment for our operators than it did concern for the environment; having a lower impact on the environment was simply a byproduct," says Frank Vacca, President of Eagle Flexible Packaging.

During the past 17 years Eagle has crafted their internal processes and aligned with suppliers that assisted Eagle to deliver exceptional image reproduction and performance that often exceeds that of the lower cost higher VOC solvent-based inks.

"When I joined Eagle in 2006, I was impressed with how they had pioneered working with water-based inks and adhesives, whereas other flexible packaging producers were hesitant. While it has been a challenge, taking the path less traveled has proven to be a step in the right direction that we hope others will follow," states Tom Tyndall, Vice President/General Manager. 


In the past several years, Eagle has worked to find suppliers of renewable, compostable films to determine what materials can create a comparable package to meet current flexible packaging standards including quality and barrier requirements to complete their environmentally friendly product offering - NVIRO® Flexible Packaging. Eagle's goal is to offer customers the products that fulfill their needs, whatever their packaging goal may be, and the company is very excited to be a part of the Steve's Real Food packaging project that utilizes not only water-based inks and adhesives, but compostable films derived from renewable sources. This groundbreaking package proves it is possible to meet the product package needs while lowering the products impact on the environment.


Source: Eagle Flexible Packaging

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