New Equipment, July 2013

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January 29, 2014

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New Equipment, July 2013

New vision systems Two new products, the Advantage 100 vision system and the AE2 Advantage engine, are designed for integration into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) devices and equipment. The Advantage 100 vision system measures 23 mm x 44 mm x 54 mm and is an enclosed vision system with customizable optics, lighting and Ethernet communications suitable for integration into large automated clinical diagnostic systems. The AE2 Advantage vision engine provides a 14.5-mm x 29.1-mm x 20.5-mm form factor designed for tight integration deep inside the enclosure of OEM devices that are manufactured in high volumes, such as medical instruments and printers.
Cognex, 855-426-4639

Sachet filler/sealer The MS235 is an intermittent-motion vertical sachet filling/sealing machine suitable for medium- and high-speed lines. It is specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market. Key features of the system include easy cleaning, maximum efficiency, excellent reliability and machine accessibility. The patented auger feeder-dosing unit for non-free-flowing powders features two augers for each lane. The flexible system, which is housed in a cast aluminum structure, can also be supplied with liquid dosing systems suitable for creams and liquids. The liquid filling system features quick-release components for fast changeover and can be equipped with a CIP system.
Marchesini, 973-575-7445

Automatic sachet system The Beta 500 intermittent-motion automatic sachet machine is made of aluminum and stainless steel and features dosers for powders, granules, pastes, liquids and wet wipes. Suitable for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, the machine can perform form/fill/seal operations at speeds up to 800 sachets per minute depending on the type of product, features of the wrapping material and number of lanes in operation.
MG America, 973-808-8185

Unscrambler The servo-controlled rotary pocket bottle unscrambler features patented rotary pockets with speeds in excess of 300 bottles per minute. Features of the machine include electromechanical positive-break safety interlocks, easy-load floor level hopper design, flow-track elevator and rotary disc-style sorter, as well as a touchscreen interface that displays a product menu to help make operation streamlined and intuitive. Other available options include tool-less changeover, motorized adjustments and up-sized hoppers as large as 150 cubic ft. Low-level hopper detection and adjustable sort disc are other possibilities. The machine also can incorporate a variety of supplementary systems, such as ionized air rinsing, printing and coding, inspect-and-reject and desiccant feeding.
Omega Design Corp., 800-346-0191

Bottle packaging The Integrated Bottle Packaging Center 120, which is available for all solid dose products, packages diverse small-to medium-sized batches at a rate of up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules per minute. The system processes round, rectangular and oval bottles 45 to 200 mm in height and 25 to 125 mm in diameter and can be reset to a different bottle diameter in six minutes. Other features of the machine include the ability to handle all types of caps, a capping unit available with up to three capping heads, 100-percent counting accuracy thanks to an infrared counting system, a master shift register to guarantee product integrity and monitor bottle discharge and an enclosed system to ensure operator and product protection.
Uhlmann Packaging System L.P., 973-402-8855

Glue extrusion system This new glue extrusion system (GES) is a fully automatic, recipe-driven hot melt applicator for roll-fed labeling. It applies a precisely extruded film of hot melt adhesive to preprogrammed locations on a label through a vertical pattern nozzle. It features four key components: extrusion tower assembly, dedicated PLC/HMI, all-metal GES vacuum drum and melt-on-demand glue tank. The system, which can run at speeds up to 600 containers per minute, eliminates glue slinging, angel hair and glue build-up on the vacuum drum and glue wires. The vacuum drums are high-precision, all-metal drums that eliminate the need for vacuum drum re-padding.
B&H Labeling Systems, 209-556-6160 

Bulk bag filling The NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program)-certified bulk-bag filling system provides weighing accuracy to plus or minus 0.01 percent, up to a total bulk bag fill weight of 4,500 lbs. Design-stage integration of NTEP-certified weigh devices and proper calibration and fabrication during original system construction, ensure precise, NTEP-certified weigh accuracy and repeatability. A single, menu-driven HMI, designed and built by the company, controls all equipment automation including automatic pallet introduction, automated metering of non-free-flowing material, NTEP-certified weighing and powered outfeed and indexing of filled bulk bags.
National Bulk Equipment, 616-399-2220 

Induction motor The Lexium MDrive includes two motor sizes and two versions. The Pulse/Direction version has a motor and drive with four control modes: torque, speed, velocity and step clock direction. The Motion Control version is for direct programming with 11,120 bytes of flash memory. The motors have an operating power range of 12 to 70 VDC.
Schneider Electric Motion USA, 860-295-6102

Laser marking system The LP130 Laser Marking System is compatible with a wider variety of laser-markable tapes, labels and tags as a new, optimized version of the company's previous DL500 Durable Label Printer. It has a number of significant improvements including up to 25 percent faster print speeds. The LP130 enables fast and easy in-house production of labels and tags for use in a range of severe and harsh-duty applications. Text, graphics and linear or 2D bar codes can be marked onto special laser-accepting substrates that can be up to 130mm (5.1 inches) wide. Printer drivers and easy-to-use label design and printing software are included.
Primera Technology Inc., 800-797-2772





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