Material handling at NA2002

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Material handling at NA2002

The Material Handling & Logistics Show & Conference–NA 2002–will feature more than 400 exhibits in 180,000 sq ft from April 8 to 11 at Detroit's Cobo Hall. Exhibits represent segments of the material handling industry, from manual equipment to fully computerized, automated systems.

The show floor is divided into four solution-specific sections:equipment and components for manfuacturing; fulfillment and delivery; information technology; and e-fulfillment and delivery. An educational conference program runs concurrently. A free show-floor session will focus on improving productivity, from planning and design to justification and implementation.

149247-0302na2.jpg Show sponsor, the Material Handling Industry of America, has partnered with ARC Advisory Group to create an Executive Forum focused on Logistics. The Forum kicks off the educational conference on Monday, April 8.

Further information on the show and conferences, a floorplan and free online show attendee registration can be found at, or call 800/345-1815.

Following are brief descriptions of some of the show's packaging-related exhibits.

Accu-Sort Systems–819: AccuVision 3800 CCD camera-based bar-code reader is capable of reading both linear and 2D symbols omnidirectionally at conveyor speeds up to 600 ft/min. Circle No. 400.

Baldor Electric–224: AC and DC industrial electric motors and drives; servo-motion control motors and controls; gear motors and speed reducers; linear motors and controls. Circle No. 401.

Buckhorn–802: Extended-length bulk boxes with three footprint choices and a solid, one-piece base. Also collapsible bulk boxes, modular straightwall and nesting container systems. Circle No. 402.

C&D Robotics–127: Material handling systems including industrial gantry robots; end of arm tooling; specialty machinery and conveyors. Circle No. 403.

Decade Products–1527: Plastic bulk shipping and storage containers for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications. Circle No. 404.

FKI Logistex–642 & 2003: High-speed sortation, conveyors, carousels, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, WCS and material handling automation. Circle No. 405.

Helton–321: Custom-thermoformed shipping containers, material handling trays, cast urethane bar and base dunnage in fabricated returnable racks. Circle No. 406.

HK Systems–1424: Conveyors, palletizers, sortation equipment, monorail, AS/RS and AGVs. Circle No. 407.

HVLS Fan–1251: High-volume, low-speed ceiling fans, 8 to 24 ft dia, are used year-round to maintain product integrity and improve employee comfort. Circle No. 408.

Interroll–1235: Drive Control ZPA+4 is a zero-pressure accumulation conveyor system that allows for standalone or fieldbus control without large PLCs. Uses zone control devices in conjunction with motorized conveyor rollers. Circle No. 409.

JECO Plastics-Rotational Molding–2504: Rotational molder of plastic pallets and custom returnable containers. Circle No. 410.

Kastalon–2307: Koat-A-Roll® slip-on polymer conveyor roll covers; Koat-A-Wheel® rugged, non-marking conveyor wheels; Tru-Taper® tapered sleeves that convert standard conveyor rollers to tapered rollers. Circle No. 411.

Kasto-Racine–1610: Unitower compact cassettes storage system for metal bar stock, boxes and pallets; offers significant space, time and handling advantages over conventional storage systems. Circle No. 412.

Kennedy Group–1402: Identification systems for reusable containers, racks, pallets, shelving; placard, RFID systems, document holding systems, nameplates and sequentially numbered bar codes. Circle No. 413.

Laminacorr Industries–2911: Laminate variety of materials to corrugated plastic, corrugated, HDPE and HMWPE solid plastic sheets, used in expendable and returnable partitions and dunnage. Circle No. 414.

Linpac Materials Handling–1215: Plastic, reusable, collapsible pallet-sized ROPAK™ containers and pallets in footprints from 32 x 30 to 70 x 48 in. Circle No. 415.

Monoflo Intl.–2404: Reusable totes, pallets and custom-size products, all of which are interchangeable with exisiting systems. Circle No. 416.

ORBIS–1603: Plastic containers, reusable pallets and protective interior dunnage, which reduce total systems costs and boost productivity. Circle No. 417.

Pacific Bin–413: BOXX® offers inexpensive, ergonomic container solutions; removable sides; weighs less than 125 lb, but holds as much as 1,200 lb. Can be stacked to 10-up. Circle No. 418.

Pacline Overhead Conveyors–1212: C-250 enclosed track overhead conveyor system with track-joining flanges to speed installation; eliminates on-site welding and permits easy re-routing. Also S-310 enclosed track power and free conveyor with capacity up to 200 lb. Circle No. 419.

Phoenix Contact–2625: Temperature controller for heat-seal applications; two multiloop, self-adaptive PID temperature controllers for f/f/s; configuration is easily downloaded to controllers. Circle No. 420.

Poly Flex–104: Custom-molded dunnage designed to protect, ship and handle products. Circle No. 421.

Powell Systems–410: ES-100 palletizer is compact for automated and semi-automated operations; low-speed, high-weight capacity; can handle up to 60 lb. Circle No. 422.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems–632: Designed for material handling, batching, vehicle scale, data acquisition and industrial automation applications, 920I programmable indicator/controller features large LCD screen. Circle No. 423.

Richfield Industries–2230: Returnable material handling containers and systems such as racks, wire baskets, tubs and custom-fitted containers. Circle No. 424.

Rockwell Automation–2602: Live demos featuring rapid deployment of material handling systems; showcasing global manufacturing solutions, as well as control, information and power transmission products. Circle No. 425.

Sealed Air–3219: Fill-Air™ Table Side system produces inflatable cushions on demand; manual FlexStand™ system and automated Rapid Shooter™ system dispense rollstock materials; also Instapacker™ foam-in-bag systems produces Instapak® for cushioning, void fill and bracing. Circle No. 426.

SICK Inc.–602: CLX 490 omnidirectional scanner reads bar codes not read by other scanners for higher percentage of successful reads; suited to applications where space is at a premium. Circle No. 427.

Siemens Dematic–1002: Conveyor systems, AGVs, AS/RS, electrified monorail systems and software/controls for integrated systems. Circle No. 428.

Tharo Systems–1339: EASYLABEL® software for custom designing and printing labels; Apollo 1s and PA1000t/b printer/applicators and standalone series of thermal/thermal transfer bar-code label printers. Circle No. 429.

Thermo Ramsey–606: AutoCheck 4000 warehouse controller is teamed with the 44HB weigh frame, which has a standard loadcell capacity of 1,000 lb. Circle No. 430.

TriEnda–3421: Single- and twin-sheet material handling products, including Big Paks and pallets, dunnage and custom products. Circle No. 431.

Videojet Technologies–2235: Marsh® PatrionPlus with HR/300 printhead; Marsh Unicorn ink-jet printer; Focus 1000 laser imaging system; Videojet® IPro digital ink-jet imaging sysem; and Marsh print-and-apply labeling system. Circle No. 432.

WAGO–1515: Terminal blacks and connectors for PCB, rail and chassis mounting; wire terminated using patented Cage-Clamp technology; new I/O system, temperature transducers, signal conditioning modules. Circle No. 433.

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