Are biomedical engineer job opportunities growing or declining?

December 16, 2015

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Are biomedical engineer job opportunities growing or declining?

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News staff

by Stephanie Wiseman

I was recently reading an online biomedical engineer forum (I know, this is what I do for fun...) discussing the employment landscape for engineers in Europe. I was a little surprised by some responses I read when the question "Are biomedical engineer job opportunities growing or declining?" was posed:

I must agree with the ppl who say biomedical engineering is a bit of everything but nothing specific. I've just finished my 3rd year of it, it's a very very very difficult degree and to think the job prospects are limited is such a major disappointment. I'm a student in Galway, Ireland; it's supposed to be one of the biggest biomedical engineering "hub" in Europe! There are a lot if companies in Galway that are here.... However, my problem is that as part of our degree we are supposed to go on a 5 month work placement in a company that makes medical devices, stents, catheters etc... But none of these companies will take on any students now; I've tried and tried but not having any luck!

..I have a degree in biomedical engineering (B.S.) from Boston University. It is just about useless. Most of my professors and other professionals I have met working in bioengineering majored in either physics or mechanical engineering. The people I know working as biomedical engineers were mech Es or electrical Es in college. I would focus on the major without the bio. You can always pick up the biology easily after learning the engineering aspect.

I am currently doing my A levels in UK and planning to study masters in biomedical engineering at some good uni. My school is currently preparing for everyones' application and i have been given deadline of one week to decide what to study further. I have already changed my decision twice on what to study at university, and finally realised that biomedical engineering is something good for me and i would enjoy doing it. I really want to study biomedical engineering. However reading all the stuff on this website, once I am super confused. Someone please help....what shall i do..??

I'm with the last poster: I am super confused. Medical device design and its packaging is a strong industry that desires the best talent. Why are these young engineers struggling? Is it a lack of proper "funneling" (i.e. student placement in job or internship opportunities) at the university level, or is the industry not connecting well these young engineers? Is it both?

How did you find your current job? What advice would you give an engineer looking for work as a medical device engineer in Europe?

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