Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

September 9, 2014

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How much can an energy audit save you?

Today, more brand owners are bringing bottle blow molding in-house to save shipping fees, improve their carbon footprint, better control quality or for other reasons. If this describes you, you might be able to save money by doing an audit of the energy consumption of your blow molding equipment.

Plastics Technologies Inc. can help. As a global leader in designing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, the company has saved a handful of North American customers as much as half a million dollars annually—per plant—by analyzing all stages of bottle manufacturing and finding areas to reduce energy usage while still ensuring quality.

“In today’s environmentally-conscious environment, companies go out of their way to drive weight out of bottles and other packaging components, but they often overlook the significant amount of energy waste that occurs when running the equipment,” says Donald Miller, vp, technical services, PTI.  “Depending on how inefficient energy usage is, this can be a goldmine of ‘found money’ for the company.  If several plants are involved, the energy savings can be well over a million dollars annually.”

PTI is now expanding its services to review and optimize operations all over the world for brand-owner companies that are self-manufacturing their bottles. Each plan is custom designed after thorough analysis of the production operation, including the relationship between preform and bottle platforms. The company will check machine conditions, such as air quality and supply, as well as oven control setup and configuration.

By developing and maintaining an efficient blow molding operation, brand owners can curb their equipment’s energy consumption—and save money in the process.

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