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Clear jars show the best of this wurstClear jars show the best of this wurst

Jenni Spinner

March 11, 2015

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Clear jars show the best of this wurst
Dollinghareico sausages

Dollinghareico sausages

Dollinghareico sausages

German food manufacturer Döllinghareico GmbH & Co. KG has introduced a line of sausages using the 500-ml Thermic Ultra standard container supplied by RPC Kutenholz. Three different products-Wiener, Hot Dog and Bockwürste-are being introduced, each without lactose, gluten or artificial flavors. The clear jars are somewhat unique, in that they enable shoppers to glimpse the tantalizing meat treats inside.

"The high transparency of the container gives our customers a clear view of the appetizing contents. The appearance of the packaging is more attractive than conventional tins, and sales have really taken off," says Sebastian Kruse, senior product manager at Döllinghareico.


The multilayer structure of the extrusion blow-molded container is designed to ensure sustained high quality, with a barrier layer guarding against oxygen penetration. The containers also are sterilized after filling. The 63-mm closures (also produced by RPC) enable the packs to be resealed, extending their useful life after the initial opening.

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