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Designing packaging for dogsDesigning packaging for dogs

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Designing packaging for dogs



I’ve been seeing more and more specialty food products aimed at dogs. Interesting trend. Here, for instance is a little tidbit I got from the All American Pet Company, which specializes in Premium dog food brands …

Errrr pardon me … “SUPER” premium dog food brands. Apparently when I wasn’t looking the market moved beyond the mere “Premium”

All American Pet Company Inc. Introduces the First Food Bar for Dogs
Informed consumers know that their health and the health and well-being of their dogs are linked… so the heart-healthy Grrr-nola Dog Food Bar that doubles as a heart healthy snack is a smart choice. Finding Grrr-nola Natural(TM) dog food products on the shelves of a national drug store chain is not just a good idea for the store, it’s also a good for our pets.

Barry Schwartz, CEO of AAPT, said, “Convenience is an attribute that cannot be overlooked. The new Grrr-nola Natural 4oz food bar for dogs and the new 4oz grab & go single serve Grrr-nola Natural dog food package are a perfect fit for our time challenged lifestyles of consumers. Boomers and two family earners, pressed for time and proximity are shopping more frequently in full service drug and expanded convenience stores. Convenience of prescriptions, health & beauty with expanded food choices from a smaller conveniently located store location has sparked a proliferation of new product opportunities for new product forms for the consumers.”

Now, when we in the packaging universe come up with packaging that dogs can open completely by themselves — then we’ve really got something.

But then the darn mutt would probably start wanting control over the remote too.

Photo by Kevin H./Flickr


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