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January 30, 2014

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From Naked to Clad in Leather

90810-absolut-no-label.jpgThe Scandinavian travel-retail company Nuance Group Sweden was selected as the launch partner for The Absolut Company’s new release in travel-retail. “Absolut No Label” is a limited edition of the 40% abv Absolut vodka and will be available exclusively at Nuance’s Swedish duty-free stores until the end of August.

This Swedish Absolut Vodka is the number one selling vodka in the world. Introduced in 1879 as an absolutely pure vodka, made from locally grown wheat and well-water from the town of Ahus in southern Sweden and using a new distilling process called rectification, Absolut is smooth and light-bodied with some liquorice flavours.
The clear bottle is styled after an old Swedish medicine bottle.

90810-absolut-rock_edition.jpgIn contrast to the standard production bottles, the “Absolut No Label” campaign features ’naked’ bottles, which are numbered and contain no label or logo. The bottles hold only a removable campaign sticker with the website address, where consumers can find more information and give feedback.

The Absolut company justifies this curious packaging design by stating, that it is part of a campaign contra the prejudice of minority groups such as gays, transsexuals etc. “In an Absolut world there are no labels. No one is judged on the basis of prejudice, and everybody is encouraged to be who they really are. Seeing beyond stereotypical labels makes the world more vibrant, diverse and respectful.”

And then Absolut switched to the opposite.

The 15th of Aug forty years ago, Woodstock. the seminal rock event, began … and the music industry hasn’t been the same since.

To commemorate this event, Pernod Ricard, the parent company of Absolut, is giving a new dimension to the phrase ‘on the rocks’ when it launched a special edition of the Absolut vodka bottle clad in leather and studs.

The Absolut Rock Edition is due to go on sale next month and will initially be on sale in the department store Selfridges of London before becoming more widely available in October.

“In an Absolut World you’re with the Band” - is a tagline of the new Absolut edition, wrapped in a leather jacket like rockers wear.
The drinks giant is to put the pack at the heart of a new marketing campaign linking the vodka to rock music and which, it claims, aims to make its consumers feel like rock stars. In other words: “The Absolute way of celebrating rock.”

Details of who created the leather-clad bottle for Pernod Ricard have not been made public.
90614-Samurai_20vodka2.jpgAs colour in an exhaustive rainbow is screaming from the selves, shape might be in the better position to attract the consumer. Vodka traditionally is packaged in glass bottles. Glass is one of those materials with almost unlimited possibilities in shaping and a wide range of decoration techniques. As a consequence spirits brands are masters at crafting shapely bottles. A world full of shapes and colours. … read the full article

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