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January 30, 2014

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Pizza Wedges for On-The-Go

You are busy, you want a quick lunch, you crave for a pizza, you have a choice: an entire pizza and throw away what you can’t eat or choose something else and feel frustrated, or …


With the on-the-go and the one-portion market in mind and attracting people who want to eat a wedge of their favourite food at any time anywhere, without the necessity to buy an entire pizza, the Hot Pocket line of Sadia in Brazil is enhanced with the Hot Pocket Pizza, which reached the supermarket shelves in June. The novelty is that the pizza wedge with its crispy mass and rich filling is ready in 1 minute and 15 seconds in the microwave. It is available in the flavours Calabresa (a kind of dry sausage) and chicken with cheese. The Hot Pocket Pizzas are sold in individual packages.

The bottoms in which the pizza wedges sit are thermoformed from BOPP film by Emplal, while the flexible cover is converted by Celocorte Embalagens. The packages designed by Narita Design are printed by Brasilgrafica.

The pizza bottom has a special base for microwave preparation, keeping the dough crusty and the toppings succulent. The consumer just lifts the cover film from its thermoformed base and places the pizza wedge sitting in the thermoformed bottom in the microwave. The thermoformed bottom holds a laminate, called susceptor that puts extra heat where it’s needed, reducing the time preparation while browning and crisping the product.

90621-AF_20HP_20PIZZA_20FRAN.jpgFour years ago Sadia started to pioneer the ready snacks category, non-existent in Brazil, which led to the introduction of Sadia’s Hot Pocket line in the market. Dedicated to young people and residents of large cities, the brand has become synonymous with convenience and speed, marked by innovation and renewal of the portfolio.

This year the assortment was revived with a colourful new packaging design, modern and different, so that all items now are aligned on the same visual identity. With the launch of Pizza Hot Pocket, Sadia could further strengthen its position in this promising segment, where the consumer has an outspoken preference. In Brazil the consumption of ready-to-eat frozen lunches and snacks has grown with some 70% over the last two years, according to data from ACNielsen.
According to the same source, Sadia has consolidated its leadership with 90.5% in this market segment of frozen ready snacks/lunches/meals.
90426-Biznaga_20image011thb.jpgThe composite can is one of the most widely used packages on grocery store shelves. Used for food and non-food applications, available in numerous sizes with various label and barrier options as well as easy opening features. Although often seen as a simple packaging format for simple products (see my post: “EcoPak and Ecocentric - What’s in a Name?”, there are some examples of brilliant design using the composite can in the upscale market. One of these examples is the Biznaga assortment of Spanish specialties for the Gourmet and Delicatessen sector, which uses ……. read the article: “About Composite Cans and the Perfect Example.

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