Ruffles chips away at male snacks market

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Ruffles chips away at male snacks market
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In the wake of the increasingly growing trend in which manufacturers are coming out with gender-specific products, a popular snack food brand Ruffles has unveiled new chips dubbed 'Ultimate Chips 'n' Dips', targeted specifically for male consumers.

The chips are being pitched as "man chips," made to satisfy the red blooded appetite of a stereotypical male. Ridges are twice the size and depth of ridges in the original Ruffles potato chips and come in various flavors such as 'Sweet 'n' Smoking' BBQ and Kicking Jalapeno Ranch


The dips flavours include Beef 'N'Cheese and Smokehouse Bacon, both of which are loaded with chunks of real bacon and cheese. The new flavors will roll out across North America this month with the exception of the Beef N' Cheese dip which will become available in July.

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