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Sample It!

April 2, 2015

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Sample it!

Kraftpak® is an unbleached folding carton board, and the Kraftpak Tool Kit explains some of the cost and efficiency advantages that folding carton board can provide to beverage manufacturers. It includes a sheet that highlights how bright colors reproduce on Kraftpak. The sampling shows how nine colors look on the unbleached board and addresses how shade consistency can make branding effective. Kraftpak is a low-density, high-yield paperboard that offers tear-strength and stiffness characteristics comparable to higher-basis-weight products, the co. reports. Its virgin-fiber makeup gives it added strength in high-moisture environments, and its consistency helps to prevent carton jams on high-speed beverage lines, preserving presses, die cutters and folder gluers.

Samples are available from:

MeadWestvaco, 203/461-7645 Circle No. 367.

Plastic ampules

Color capabilities have been added to the co.'s line of unit-dose plastic ampules. Any color in the Pantone Matching System® (PMS) can be applied to the ampules. Colored ampules can help protect product by reducing light exposure, or they can simply accentuate the appearance of the product. The ampules are offered in three-color print with oriented text and logos. They're activated with a simple squeeze, which ruptures the patented, internal membrane. Subsequent squeezes dispense the product.

Samples are available from:

James Alexander Corp., 908/362-9266 Circle No. 368.

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