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Telescoping Walk-Through Conveyor Retracts for Easy, Ergonomic Access

Crossing over to the other side is now as easy as opening a door and walking through.

Bob Sperber

December 16, 2020

This simple, easy-to-use telescoping, retractable conveyor from Aagard saves workers lots of steps while saving plants the added engineering, time, and expense of other solutions.

The conveyor is featured with the company’s case packers and palletizers, and requires no special skills, effort, or wait time, such as would be required for conveyor drawbridges that may involve lifting, cranking, or hydraulics. Instead, just slide a section of conveyor open as easily as walking through a door.

The retractable conveyor can be used without interrupting operations, which the vendor illustrates in a short video. This solution was demonstrated by Aagard during the 2020 Pack Expo Connects virtual show (November 9-13).

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Bob Sperber

Bob Sperber is a writer and editor covering topics in packaging, manufacturing, and digital transformation since 1987. Reach him at [email protected] or 773-669-6529.

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