Tinto Amorío targets millennials with wine cocktails in cans

Kate Bertrand Connolly 1, Freelance Writer

November 6, 2017

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Tinto Amorío targets millennials with wine cocktails in cans
Selected for their convenience, portability and sustainability, cans and cartons market a new wine cocktail to millennials.

Tinto de verano, or “red wine of summer,” has been popular in Spain since the early twentieth century. Now, a U.S. brand owner is making this refreshing drink available to Americans in the same package format used at Spanish beaches: aluminum cans.

Tinto Amorío’s beverage packaging comprises four 250-mL cans packed upright in hand-friendly carton, a packaging design that is convenient, portable and recyclable. Plus the cans are easy to chill, and consumers can sip directly from the stay-tab opening using a straw (or not). Ball Corp. supplies the cans.

The company recently announced the release of its first “Premium Spanish Wine Cocktail,” which it calls Red Wine of the Summer. The cocktail is a sparkling wine beverage with a spritz of lemon; alcohol content is 4.4%.

Millennials, who are attracted to sparkling beverages as well as premium, natural and low-calorie products, are a primary demographic for Tinto Amorío. The brand uses natural ingredients and eschews artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives, and each can of Red Wine of the Summer has only 110 calories.

Tinto Amorío prides itself on staying true to the origins of tinto de verano, which was originally concocted in the early 1900s at The Brilliante, an establishment in Córdoba, Spain. The drink, a mixture of red wine and lemon soda, was created for the refreshment of The Brilliante’s artistic, bohemian patrons. This origin story is included on Tinto Amorío’s cartons.

In the spirit of social responsibility, Tinto Amorío donates a portion of every sale to community causes. For the 2017 production run, donations will go to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Anish Patel, founder and CEO of Tinto Amorío, reveals more about the product and package.

How does the Tinto Amorío packaging address shifting consumption habits among millennial consumers?

Patel: Cans are the hottest trend in packaging for wine products right now, because they allow for an increased convenience, make it more permissible to drink wine products across demographics and have a lower carbon footprint. Millennials cherish novelty, convenience and sustainability.

Why are cans trending in the wine market?

Patel: Convenience is what makes them a packaging form that will have a sustainable impact, but novelty is what is catching eyes right now. There are other packaging options, like pouches and boxes, that have been growing for a lot of the same reasons, but the cans stand out because they are already tried and tested across other beverage categories. They are novel to wine products but at the same time are trusted and familiar.

Why use a carton as the multipack?

Patel: For a number of reasons, the first being that the design was perfect for us to sell four cans, or one liter of product. One liter is 33% more than the typical bottle of wine, and although we are not selling wine (but rather wine cocktails), it makes it easier for customers to understand the value of the product in volumes that they can quantify. Our cartons are small and nimble and can be carried in one hand, which addresses convenience. We also have two finger tabs on the side panel to make carrying the carton even easier. Additionally, they are easy to stack and store.

How does Tinto Amorío deliver an authentic experience for consumers?

Patel: In Spain, tinto de verano is also packaged in cans. It’s normal to be at the beach and hear the calls from beach vendors for “agua, cerveza, tinto de verano”—water, beer, tinto de verano. It is always served in cans in these instances.

How do the package graphics communicate the product’s authenticity?

Patel: On the carton, we tell the story behind tinto de verano and how the drink originated.

Did you work with a package-design firm to develop the graphics?

Patel: We did most of the design work in-house but also work with a freelance industrial designer, Taylor Gittings, on some of the carton packaging and logo work.

Where are Tinto Amorío products sold?

Patel: Tinto Amorío is currently available in select stores in New York City, and consumers in 40 states currently can order it online. The initial Red Wine of the Summer flavor will be available in stores in Southern California starting within the next few months.

When will we see the introduction of additional Tinto Amorío flavors?

Patel: In 2018.

What flavor might be next?

Patel: A cocktail originating from rebujito, which is a semi-bitter and minty sparkling wine cocktail that is popular in Jerez, Spain.


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