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Pull-pack for flowrapped foods

March 11, 2015

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Pull-pack for flowrapped foods


The co. says its new Pull Pack concept offers a new level of convenience for flowrapped foods, including chocolate bars and cereal bars. Flowrapping helps increase output and reduces material and labor costs, extends shelf life to retailers and offers a quality presentation and ease of use, the co. states. Quick, clean and simple to open in a controlled manner, the Pull Pack-wrapped product is held in one hand. A simple tug on the seal fin of the shorter end opens the pack. Hygiene is preserved, as the product does not have to be touched, and half of the package remains wrapped. The controlled opening and defined pull-off section of the packaging can open up a raft of marketing possibilities. The wrap section that's removed could be used as a token for promotions and competitions. Can be run on existing flowrapping equipment that necessitates an additional module.

Sigpack Systems AG, a Bosch Packaging Technology co.,
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