2012 compliance packages of the year announced by HCPC

January 4, 2016

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2012 compliance packages of the year announced by HCPC

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The Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC) awarded the winners of its annual Compliance Package of the Year competition at RxAdherence 2013, the organization’s annual conference on patient adherence and compliance prompting packaging issues.

HCPC’s Compliance Package of the Year competition has been an annual event since 1995 and recognizes the most innovative pharmaceutical packages designed to improve patient adherence.

This year’s winners are:

• 2012 Compliance Package of the Year: Avive customized multi-

medication 30-day dosing system from MWV Healthcare.

• Compliance Package of the Year First Runner Up: Med-ic 21 Dose Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack from Information Mediary Corp.

• Compliance Package of the Year Second Runner Up: Eli Lilly Strattera Physician Sample (Dosepak) submitted by AndersonBrecon Inc.

The judges of the HCPC Compliance Package of the Year were delighted with the Avive multimedication 30-day dosing system from MWV Healthcare. One judge commented that the Avive dosing system “truly brings us to a personalized medication approach.” Another judge commented that the dosing system “seems to be tailormade for elderly patients, who often have multiple drugs to take, while assisting them in maintaining compliance.”

Avive was developed with input from patients and pharmacists, resulting in a patient-customized solution that simplifies daily dosing for patients on multiple medications. The ready-to-dispense, script-filling pharmacy service is designed to increase medication adherence, provide convenience for patients, and allow more time for pharmacist-customer counseling.

Developed jointly with LTCPCMS Inc., MWV’s pharmacy innovation partner, the Avive system synchronizes patients’ medications, so all prescriptions are picked up on the same day each month from a single pharmacy. The system also creates a customized regimen specifically for each person, which consolidates dosing times consistent with Universal Medication Schedules and aligns with patients’ current daily habits for ease of integration.

Medication dispensing is completed in a central-fill location through a combination of pharmacist oversight and robotics. It arrives at the local pharmacy ready to dispense, following a final inspection from the pharmacist.

Each Avive package features a month’s supply of prefilled medication packets, labeled with medication names and dosing instructions for the medications inside. The Avive system also includes patient education information with the container. Using this system helps the patient incorporate medication routines into a daily lifestyle, providing convenience and helping reduce medication errors.

The Med-ic 21 Dose Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack was initially developed for a study to monitor Hepatitis C. The package provides large blisters for multiple dosages, is easily filled at the pharmacy level, and can be heat- or cold-sealed, depending upon pharmacy requirements. The Med-ic technology includes an electronic content monitor (ECM) and grid that are hidden inside the cardboard.

Med-ic records the time when the patient breaks through the package, triggering an event the Med-ic grid traces. The event (time it was broken and pills removed) are stored on the ECM Tag. Then the empty package can then either be returned to the Pharmacy for reading; read using a smart device, such as an Android phone calling into the Med-ic application; read by a NFC (near field communication) device; or read by an RFID reader.

One of the judges found the Med-ic Multi-Med Pharmacy Seal Pack “quite unique—especially with a way to transmit information about adherence to the pharmacist straight from the packaging. The ECM tag is a great feature that does not require a patient report of behavior. The simple act of opening a blister pack becomes both a way to get the patient needed medication, but also gather data on adherence. The blister packs are easy to push through, which is good for individuals with arthritis. This can allow pharmacies to send a reminder call or text and interact with the patient to figure out ways to improve adherence. This design also allows for pharmacists to package multiple medications per day in one blister pack for the patient.”

Eli Lilly’s Strattera is approved for the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children aged 6 and older, teens, and adults. Packaged by AndersonBrecon for Eli Lilly, the Strattera Physician Sample utilizes the MWV Dosepak design in titrating patients through the drug regimen, progressing them to the target dose. The package graphics feature distinguished color coding for the calendarized dosing format, identifying the starting dose of 18 mg and continuing for the first five days of therapy; progressing to 25 mg for the following five days, 40 mg for the next five, and 60 mg for the remaining 15 days of the 30-day therapy contained in the pack.

Other versions of the titration dosing utilize a 10/18/25/40 mg format or 25/40/60/80 mg, depending on the weight of the patient. Each strength combination is distinguished by a unique color configuration and identifies the recommended weight guidelines for the therapy.

In further supporting patient compliance, the Strattera design identifies dosing instructions, including tips to avoid side effects and identifying optimal daily timing for doses. The pack also directs patients to a supporting Web site to seek further information and prescription savings. A medication guide is included for the patient in the cover panel of the Dosepak sleeve.

One judge found the package “ideal for individuals beginning a new medication regimen. The color-coded sections for each increasing titration of medication helps the patient know what they are taking and also be able to pinpoint side effects to specific dosages. The opening design is great for preventing medication overdose and child resistance. Additional pluses are the easy-to-read instructions included on the inside panel!”

The Compliance Package of the Year winner, the First Runner-up, and the Innovative Design winner will be asked to designate HCPC-donated scholarship funds to a university-level packaging school focused on the pharmaceutical industry. All qualifying entries will be displayed by the HCPC during trade events in which it participates over the next twelve months.

Complete competition guidelines are available on the Internet by visiting www.hcpconline.org or by contacting the HCPC offices at 804/338-5778.

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