Interphex focuses on pharmaceuticals

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November 12, 2015

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Interphex focuses on pharmaceuticals

The upcoming Interphex show, running March 16 to 18 at New York City's Jacob Javits Convention Center, brings together four concurrent events under one roof: Drug Discovery & Development, Outsource & Contract Services, Information Technology and Process Manufacturing & Production. Key pavilions at this year's show are Packaging, Automation & Controls, Security & Safety and Plant Sites. A full conference program is also slated.

A featured event, scheduled for March 16 at 9 a.m., is entitled "What to Expect from the FDA and How It Will Impact Pharmaceutical Manufacturing," a conversation with Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Moderated by Justin O. Neway of Aegis Analytical, the panel presentation includes representatives from Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen and Patheon. The event is free to show registrants. Registration for the exhibits is free before Feb. 23 and $75 thereafter. For further show information and the conference program schedule, and to register, visit the show's website at Circle No. 401. Following is a listing of show exhibitors.

AC Compacting-1331

AccuCaps Industries-C2521

Accu-Sort Systems-2433

Alcan Packaging-C1814

Alcoa Flexible Packaging-C1505: New Pouch Express rapid-response printing program provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with gravure printing from the exhibitor's Downingtown Pharmaceutical Packaging Center in small quantities, as little as 3 million sq in., in six weeks or less. Eight industry-standard Pharma-Pouch specifications for multiple end uses are available for surface printing with the Pouch Express printing program, and include paper and film exteriors. Circle No. 100.

Alliance Pharma Litho-184

American Bank Note Holographics-566

America Plastics Technologies-367: Blow/fill/seal aseptic machinery is available from stock. Also offers turnkey setup, consulting, blow molds, PET machines and product development/design.

Arlington Press-565: Roll labels, package inserts, folding cartons and specialty packaging for the pharmaceutical industry including OTC, generics and prescription packaging.


B&J Machinery-382

Baldor Electric-2434

Banner Eng.-347: New PresencePLUS® Pro full-function vision sensor is a camera-based visual inspection sensor that can transform complex machine vision systems into simpler, easy-to-use and affordable sensors. Captures images and analyzes them using one or more vision tools. Circle No. 101.

Bausch & Stroebel Machine-1473

BD Medical Pharmaceutical Systems-584: Prefillable drug delivery systems include Hypak prefillable syringes, Monovial dry-drug reconstitution systems, Accuspray nasal spray systems and pen delivery systems.

Bell-Mark-360: InteliJet® small-character ink-jet printer for in-line medical and pharmaceutical printing applications is powered by HP technology. Prints on medical paper, Tyvek and porous materials. Prints 24 Windows Unicode languages, dynamic and fixed text, dynamic and fixed bitmaps, integrated bar-code support for Code 128, Data Matrix, RSS, HIBC, UPC A and B, and time/date stamp, either fixed or in real time. Is capable of printing 600 x 300 dpi at 250 ft/min.

Bi Ltd.-465

Blumer (USA)-363

Bosch Packaging Technology-445

BP Chemicals-259

Brock Solutions-2036

Buender Glas-560

Burkehead-DeVane, Tape & Label-188


Cardinal Health-1305: Contract packaging services for pharmaceutical and biotech industries with sites in the U.S., U.K., Germany and PR. Packaging services include kit assembly, cartons, inserts, labels and promotional printing. Circle No. 106.

Chase-Logeman-1873: Liquid fillers, stoppering machines, pluggers, screw cappers, tray loaders and unloaders, unscramblers and accumulators. Monoblock designs feature optional ChaseLock® no-tool changeover systems, servo-driven piston pumps, robotic pick-and-place systems and tare/gross checkweighers with pump feedback.

Cognex-2763: High-performance In-Sight® machine-vision sensors perform RSS composite reading, safety seal verification and data/lot code verification on pharmaceutical packages.

Cold Chain Technologies-561: Thermal packaging solutions include new KW1000 Kool Watch electronic indicators, ZU36 and ZU89 rigid molded PU cold-chain systems, ZU911 and ZU1216 KoolGuard insulated envelopes and the new ZX4500 insulated pallet shipping container.

Colonial Carton-279: Folding cartons for pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic and medical devices.

Comar-474: New oral dispensing system features a unique, all-plastic, two-piece construction with a flexible wiper that eliminates the need for a rubber wiper. No silicone-coated rubber parts are used in the design. Can be preloaded for later dosing, with cover caps available for use when prefilling. Circle No. 103.

Cozzoli Machine-455: Absolute Fill authentication system verifies the fill volume of containers in a batch. Consists of a tape-weight unit prior to filling, a gross-weight unit after filling and controls to determine net weight of each container.

CTC Intl.-478: Model TTBS-VC-20 butt splicer for label applicators is engineered to work continuously for roll changes. Splice is automatically initiated when the expiring roll is depleted. Circle No. 108.

Custom Vault-459


Dalemark Industries-442: Series 600 dual-frame in-line flexo web printer is designed for integration with most intermittent or continuous flexible packaging applications.

David Round & Son-2867

Decade Products-266

Domino Amjet-766: In-line RSS composite coding system is available with both laser and ink-jet coders and can print variable composite data. Circle No. 109.

Donaldson Co.-2062

Drug Plastics & Glass-1857

DT Packaging Systems-250: Demonstrating the new electronic counter for tablets/capsules, Swiftpack Quantum, the EKC tablet counting device and the semi-automatic Fillit liquid filler. Circle No. 22.

DuPont Dow Elastomers-1681


Eagle Picher Technologies-C1716

EISAI USA Machinery-1547

Energy Storage Systems-680

Equipnet Direct-C1905

Equity Packaging-C1719

ERIEZ Magnetics-1678

Festo-2638: The co.'s Smart Cubic series includes two pneumatic valve terminals designed for the optimized implementation of direct-control valves.

Flexicon America-2364: The Multi-Filling System provides a cost-effective solution for handling small and medium-sized batches without cleaning validation concerns.

FlexLink Systems-1978

Fortress Technology-2467

Fowler Products-664: The Model ST seal crimper for line speeds up to 600 vials/min and the Model CAS-10/360 rotary capper.

G&W Laboratories-C2511

Garvens USA-1535

Garvey-569: Introducing the Infinity Series accumulator/single filer for small vial handling. Vials can be accumulated and single-filed at speeds up to 1,000+ vials/min.

Genesis Machinery Products-373

George Gordon Associates-189: The PPS-250 Packet Placing System employs a servo motor with positioning determined by an electric eye to mark frequency of the printed stream of continuous packeted product.

Griffin-Rutgers-255: Metronic Inprint UV web printer, UDA 150-S carton and a card-handling system with a hot stamper, and Codajet 6000 high-resolution ink-jet coder.

Groninger-242: A manufacturer of filling and closing machines for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Harro Hoefliger Packaging Systems-655

Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council-264

Healthcare Packaging Group/O. Berk-158: Supplying containers and closures, and is reintroducing the 40-oz proprietary line of amber glass pour-outs. Circle No. 105.

Healthstar-673: Offering tablet and capsule equipment, in-line and rotary liquid fillers and cappers, labeling equipment, granulation and blending equipment and line integration services.

HIBAR Systems-2441: The new P Series Sealless precision metering pumps are specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Hi-Speed Checkweigher-737: The Starweigh pharmaceutical checkweigher can weigh up to 400 packages/min; the RX1 checkweigher is designed for small, lightweight products. Circle No. 44.

HK Systems-2534: To better enable its pharmaceutical customers to respond to the growing demands of a continuously changing market, HK Systems has developed a Pharmaceutical Center of Excellence (COE). The organization will provide focused solutions for the diverse demands of pharmaceutical product manufacturing, warehousing and distribution environments, including consulting, design, project implementation and customer services. Circle No. 26.


Honeywell-Industrial Controls Div.-1631

Howell Packaging-448

Howorth Airtech-1177


Hueck Foils-834

IFM Efector-2529

IMAJE USA-577: A subsidiary of Dover Technologies Co., IMAJE sells and supports ink-jet coding and marking equipment. The product line includes simple and reliable small- and large- character coders for principle and secondary package identification.


Inprint Systems-249

Insulated Structures, PB Group-356

Integrated Packaging Systems-155

International Automation-684: Boekels Checklogik 2000 high-accuracy checkweigher is engineered to deliver up to 80-mg repeatable accuracies 99.73% of the time with Six-Sigma accuracy guaranteed.

Isometric Micro Finishing-944


Iwata Label-582

Key Intl.-1273

Kirby Lester-469: High-speed check counters and small-scale tablet and capsule counters for clinical trial and quality-control departments. Counting technology requires no adjustments, programming or changeparts for different shapes or sizes of solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

Klöckner Pentaplast-1637: Displaying a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging films, including Pentapharm® ACLAR® S03 and Pentapharm® ACLAR® G03 laminated barrier film. ACLAR G03 film is a three-layer laminated film that incorporates EVOH and is designed for products requiring medium to ultra-high moisture and oxygen barrier properties. ACLAR S03 film (PVC/ACLAR/PVC) is designed for products requiring outstanding moisture protection and enhanced performance. Circle No. 32.

Körber Medipac-273: Complete packaging solutions from package design and development to packaging machinery and systems. This includes machines for thermoforming, sachets, cartons and specialized paperboard packaging solutions for parenterals.

Label Vision Systems-355: The INTEGRA 9500 makes bar-code verification extremely easy with analysis of bar-code quality problems made even easier. In this one-step process, place the bar code on the viewing platform, and it is verified to ISO/ANSI standards.

Lock Inspection Systems-2355: Demonstrating its MET 30+ pharmaceutical metal detector with Batchchek. This unit guarantees the highest levels of traceability and enables pharmaceutical companies to become 21 CFR, Part 11-compliant.

Lockwood Greene-747: Provides a spectrum of services ranging from management consulting to process development and design to facility construction and maintenance. Differentiated in the marketplace by its patented Outcomes by Design® work process.

M&O Perry Industries-D319

Magna Safe-2853

MAP Systems-1029

Markem-364: Has expanded the SmartLase™ family of laser coders with the addition of the SmartLase 110 and 130 coders, which provide an ideal balance of performance, safety and flexibility in a small package. Is easy to integrate and cost-effective to own. The SmartLase 100 Series of digital, CO2 laser coders is ideal for use on primary packaging such as cartons, labels, glass and PET bottles. Circle No. 62.

Matcon USA-1655: Will be holding workshops each day at 11 a.m. on Achieving Reliable Solids Flow in API and Solid Dosages, at 2 p.m. on Achieving Practical Containment with IBCs and at 3:30 p.m. on Bulk Tablet Handling in IBCs.

McBrady Eng.-1753: Totally redesigned single-pass Model #40 exterior vial washer/dryer will wash, rinse and dry the exterior of filled and capped vials. A low-pressure wash and rinse can keep the cap area dry.

Medical Instill Technologies-164



Modular Packaging Systems-438

Molded Fiber Glass Tray-1863

Morrison Timing Screw-452: For more than 30 years, a manufacturer of timing screws and changeparts designed to meet container-handling challenges. Circle No. 60.

Multisorb Technologies-150


National Instrument-357: Filmatic's benchtop, semi-automatic filling systems in 1-, 2- and 4-station units operate at up to 84 dispensing cycles/min for fill sizes from less than 1 mL to 260 mL/cycle at accuracies to ?5%.

Neoceram-721: Offers a ceramic pump without a diaphragm that can be retrofitted on a liquid filling machine to dispense quantities as low as 0.5 mL. The spring can withstand more than 10 million cycles.

New England Machinery-681B: Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing packaging machinery, including unscramblers, orienters, cappers, spout inserters, scoop feeders, gap transfers, conveyors, line dividers and more. Circle No. 17.

Newman Labeling Systems-674

Nilfisk-Advance America-838: The new Safe-Pak pharmaceutical vacuum cleaner ensures safe and effective collection and disposal of potent compounds. Other vacuums include intermittent- and continuous-duty, central systems, cleanroom-packaged, explosion-proof, wet/dry, pneumatic, stainless-steel, hoppers and separators, and vacuums for environments as stringent as ISO 4 cleanrooms.

NJM/CLI Packaging Systems-529: Displaying the Cremer tablet counter, compliant to 21 CFR Part 11; the Model 334 Charger high-speed labeler; the Model 400 print-and-apply labeler with corner-wrap application; and the FLX Solo gear pump. Circle No. 33

NOSCO Printing Group-677: Fix-a-Form line of extended-content labels combines the features of p-s labels–with high-speed automatic application on existing labeling equipment to nearly any shape or surface–with the information capacity of printed literature.

OCS Checkweighers-677b

Olympus Industrial America-2180: The I-SPEED high-speed video camera system has a unique design with a CMOS imager to capture events up to 33,000 fps in either color or monochrome. Features include a compact flash memory card and measurement/editing software.

Omega Design-149: The Omega Model 3D-RPI-8 rotary pocket plastic bottle unscrambler, as well as the recently introduced PDF pouch desiccant feeder, will be shown.

Optel Vision-241

Optima Machinery-473: The Optima Pharmaline SL50 fully automatic modular machine for powder filling and bottle closing; the Contiline continuous-motion filling and closing monoblock-style machine from the Kugler Div.; and the SV122 fully automatic syringe filling system from inova pharma systems, also part of the Optima group.

ORBIS-2229: The new HDPE 40 x 48-in. heavy-duty Structo-Cell® pallet is approved by Factory Mutual Research Corp. as having met fire rating requirements equivalent to wood pallets. The one-piece, double-face pallet provides hygienic properties.

Packaging Insights-C2206

PennTech Machinery-2067

Per-Fil Industries-278: New Model MF-S servo-driven micro-filler, features a servo auger drive, a separate agitation motor and a sanitary construction, as well as a fill range of 1 g to 2 kg. Also the new Model nano-F(a) autoclavable nano-filler designed to fill 25 mg to 25 g of powder, granular and paste products. Circle No. 29.

Perlen Converting-462: Plain PVC and PVC/PVDC-coated blister-packaging films under the PERLALUX brand; Starflex, a high-barrier 90- and 120-g PVC/PE/PVDC film; Generex, a cost-efficient alternative to existing barrier films.


Piab Vacuum Conveyors-1881: Showing the new IQOQPQ-validated C-33 vacuum conveyors and components, powered by the co.'s pneumatically driven vacuum pumps. The C-33 can transport up to 10 to 15 tons/hr of pharmaceutical powders, such as penicillin, lactose and potassium.

Pluemat North America-780b

Polar Tech Industries-470: Premium protective packaging systems for temperature- and time-sensitive products.

Precision Automation-764: Plans, designs, builds and installs automated systems and machinery, including leak-detection systems, accumulators, freeze dryers, transport carts, vial and diagnostic plate-drying systems and nonrotary vial accumulators.

Product Identification and Processing Systems-263

R On I, LLC-267: The LIFT-O-FLEX® 17000 series electric lifter with manual clamp and pour attachment for cleanroom applications is suitable for pails, drums or buckets with weights up to 80 lb for liquid, powder and tablet applications.

R.W. Hartnett-1288

Rehrig Pacific-2351

Remmele Eng.-Automation Div.-2737


Rice Lake Weighing Systems-2329: The SURVIVOR® SST2 direct-thermal printer is a self-contained, stainless-steel printer that stands up to corrosive washdown environments.

Rockwell Automation-637


Rommelag USA-562


Safeline Metal Detection-1033

Saint Gobain Performance Plastics-1255

Sanner of America-179: Automatic dosing system for low-viscosity liquids is designed as an alternative to droppers.

SCA ThermoSafe-662: Temperature-assurance solutions include insulated shipping containers, PolarPack refrigerant gels and certified testing and validation systems, among others.

Schaeffer Technologies-573

Seidenader Equipment-1731

Serpa Packaging Solutions-377: P100 cartoner features balcony design that provides access to all drive components from one side of machine. Picks and erects cartons at speeds up to 350 cpm.

Service Industries-165


SIG Doboy-381: Product lines include horizontal flowrapping, bagging and bag closing, vf/f/s, carton overwrapping, tray forming and closing and robotic pick-and-place systems. Applications include cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Circle No. 107.

Skan AG-1379

Source Packaging of New England-368

Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging-463

Systech Solutions-668: TIPS SENTRI machine vision solutions and TIPS ADVISOR line of automation and information management software. SENTRI applications include lot/date code, blister and print quality. Advisor integrates vision, bar-code readers and PLCs. Circle No. 66.

T.C. Tech-1788


The Stellar Group-1759

Thermo Electron-D401

Tolas Healthcare Packaging-C2313:Proprietary heat-seal coatings provide seal range; ISOTECH BAG® features tear-and puncture-resistance and product visibility.

Tote Systems Intl.-559

Turchette Ad Agency-355


Tursso Companies-183

Uhlmann Packaging Systems-1845: B1240 Thermoformer facilitates GMP-optimized pharmaceutical production.

Unicep Packaging-361: VersaPak™ line of unit-dose plastic f/f/s containers is suitable for liquids, gels, lotions, creams and semi-solids.

Union Standard Equipment-1765

United Industries-1874

Universal Capsule/PAM-778: Distributor of manual, semi- and fully automatic capsule-filling machines, blister-packing and cartoning equipment and packaging films.


Vibrac-968: Precision cap- torque testing and torque calibration verification equipment, induction- and conduction-sealing systems, burst test systems and benchtop capping systems.

Videojet Technologies-673b

Vijuk Equipment-2073: Folding systems with multiple accessory and attachment options, MV-2001 outsert system, G&K Cartonac 2000 leaflet folder and a prefolded leaflet inserter.

Wago-2029: I/O-IPC 758 Series industrial PC integrates most PC functions, including network and Fieldbus interfaces. Various, flexible interfaces are available.

Wexler Packaging Products-568

Zebra Technologies-2868

Zed Industries-2052: Z-Med medical tabletop sealer is cleanroom-ready with stainless steel and a 2-component epoxy painted stainless-steel construction.

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