New fast-acting Advil debuts in a soft-touch carton

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New fast-acting Advil debuts in a soft-touch carton


Advil film-coated tablets

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, the maker of Advil, has introduced its latest innovation in pain relief—fast acting Advil Film Coated tablets. This first-to-market formulation marks the debut of Advil Ion Core Technology in the United States. This new, fast-dissolving technology—along with a unique, specially formulated ultra-thin coating—is built for speed, going to work in minutes and stopping pain in its tracks before it gets worse. In fact, this new tablet provides the speed and power of a liquid filled capsule, in the more popular tablet form, and comes in a premium white carton.


"Tough pain intensifies if not treated quickly," says Brian Groves, U.S. chief marketing officer at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. "Our new, fast acting Advil tablets are designed to stop pain in its tracks, before it gets worse and interferes with the busy lives of our more than 100 million Advil consumers."


New, fast acting Advil film coated is now available to consumers in both tablet and caplet forms and is sold in 20-, 40- and 80-count bottles in the premium white carton at retailers nationwide.

What makes the white carton "premium"?
The new fast acting Advil packaging is designed to show speed and efficacy and visually separate itself from the base brand, while still incorporating the classic Advil elements, such as the blue and yellow colors, as well as the Advil logo, but packaged in a white box to maximize shelf visibility and differentiation.

The premium look and shelf presence was achieved by use of special coatings that deliver a combination of soft and matte finishes, such as elements like the silver foil cartouche around the Advil brand name, as well as a silver foil accent divider between the white gridded side and the blue foil side of the packaging. 

The packaging is embossed and foil stamped to add depth and increase shelf impact. Carton graphics and appearance are enhanced by the targeted use of high gloss UV coating and embossing. 

Transparent blue ink coats the foil-stamped area on the right side of the package, creating a high-tech look to house the descriptive product text.

The grid marks used on the packaging are angled to a vanishing point that directs the eye to the Advil tablet featured on the package.

The solid-bleached sulfate (SBS) carton paperboard has a soft touch varnish that creates a matte coating and a soft feel when you pick it up. This matte soft touch adds a tactile feeling, engaging another sense other than sight when interacting with the product on-shelf.

All of the elements work together cohesively to create a strong, modern and approachable product.

The packaging design was the result of the desire to maintain the strong Advil equity, while simultaneously bringing out a new premium product that would feel modern, advanced and stand out on shelf.

Pi Global worked on the initial creative concept of the new fast acting Advil packaging in collaboration with Pfizer's Package Design and Development team. The identification and application of the surface treatments and techniques used in the package were developed by Pfizer's Package Design and Development team.

New fast-acting Advil cartons are printed by the Clondalkin Pharma & Healthcare.


Source: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare



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