Cobots vs. COVID-19 — Designed and Deployed a Solution in 2 Weeks

Many essential businesses needed to ramp up production quickly while keeping workers safe.

Bob Sperber, Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME

October 5, 2020

“We’re all in this together,” says Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq, on the challenge faced by manufacturers struck by COVID-19 with sudden needs to ramp-up production while keeping employees out of harm’s way. At 23 minutes long, the video takes a deep dive, and that’s a good thing for those who must meet sudden demands on capacity and agility. Learn about cobot system design, system integration, and ongoing operations. Bouchard provides a step-by-step guide, project management tools, and advice on how to get started and how to scale-up your application — or perhaps replicate it, now that you’ve got a repeatable automation framework — with links to web resources.


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Bob Sperber

Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME, Informa Markets - Engineering (IME)

Bob Sperber is a writer, editor, and content producer with more than three decades of experience on topics spanning engineering, manufacturing, and digital transformation. Areas of work span many aspects of physical and digital assets.

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