Packaging Design Red Alert 2: AI-Designed Energy Drink Debuts

From formulation to packaging design, Hell A.I. is the world’s first energy drink created and designed by artificial intelligence.

July 19, 2023

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HELL A.I. is first energy drink created entirely by artificial intelligence from formulation to packaging design.Hell Energy

It’s impossible to know where the next application of artificial intelligence will arise.

Well, how about the world's first energy drink entirely developed by AI?  

Introducing Hell A.I., based on a Hungarian beverage company’s instruction to AI just this month that’s already going into production at “one of Europe's most cutting-edge energy drink factories,” according to the press release.

I was immediately taken aback that AI selected Hell as the product name. Then I learned that’s the name of the brand owner: Hell Energy Magyarország Kft., which offers a range of energy drinks. 

It turns out that AI carefully selected the ingredients, formulated the complete recipe, and even tasted it for perfection. Yes, tasted it, as you'll learn shortly.

AI also determined the can's packaging design. It’s not the first time AI has encroached into the packaging designers’ world. This was our report from last August: Packaging Design Red Alert: AI Is Crushing It. It was for a concept brand called Alt Planets, “a non-alcohol ready-to-drink beverage packaged in cans.”

There’s a world of difference this time. That project was a digital exercise whereby the AI generated a series of mockups. AI managed 80% of the design work with the balance done by the designer.

With this project, Hell A.I. appears to be nearly 100% driven by AI. More than that, while conceived in the virtual world, Hell A.I. will rollout in the real world globally starting this summer.

The AI’s goal was to create an energy drink that would exceed expectations.It scoured the internet to learn all it could about the energy market. This included analyzing data on energy drink ingredients, sales figures, consumer feedback, health research, and industry trends. 

Key aspects:

  • The drink was enhanced with meticulously curated blend of vitamins, and amino acids, and of course ensuring compliance with industry regulations and optimizing nutritional standards.

  • To fine-tune the flavor, the AI created three variations and digitized them using the technology of an unidentified New York company.

  • The AI’s predictive intelligence determined the winning flavor. This was done, as the release pointedly states, “after tasting, not testing” all three drinks and analyzing extensive data and statistics.

The winning formulation?  A combination of “tutti-frutti & berry-blast, a fresh flavor unlike any other.”

The new product underwent rigorous quality control and blind tastings, passing with flying colors and further validating the AI’s extraordinary capabilities.

The brand took great pains to protect its intellectual property in following the AI’s instructions: It resides on a highly secure computer within Hell Energy’s Hungarian factory, fortified by advanced security measures. As a backup safety measure, the recipe is also stored in a Swiss vault.

It sounds like something from a Bond movie, but this is real life as driven by AI.


Now getting to the point for readers: AI directed the packaging design, “infusing the can with a youthful and trendy aesthetic, harmonizing the brand's identity with the AI’s digital flair.”

From the scant imagery provided, it’s a colorful and wild design scheme, which will certainly appeal to energy drink consumers.

Hell A.I. energy drink is set to debut in more than 60 countries worldwide this summer and fall. The launch of this groundbreaking new product should appeal to a vast audience based on the artificial intelligence novelty alone.

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