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‘Tilting' compact bagger

Lisa McTigue Pierce

March 11, 2015

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‘Tilting' compact bagger



‘Tilting’ compact bagger

The new Breezy Bagger incorporates a tilting function that allows users to pack, wrap and bag many type of products both vertically and horizontally. Designed specifically to package all types of shaped products into either a laminated or polyethylene material, this versatile bagger is easy to use. The product being wrapped or bagged can be hand loaded or fed automatically with many types of ancillary machines and methods. The bag width (from 2 to 12 inches) and length (from 2 to 36 inches) are fully adjustable with no change parts and no forming shoulder and tube. The Breezy includes three choices of logic including one for random filling. For each and every cycle, the system detects the length of the product and adjusts bag size accordingly. Making bags on the fly like this saves material and costs.


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