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Air leak detectorAir leak detector

March 11, 2015

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Air leak detector
Plastic Technologies Inc. LeakMonitor


Plastic Technologies Inc. LeakMonitor

Plastic Technologies Inc. LeakMonitor

The upgraded version of the LeakMonitor, which uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect air leaks from machine components and defective bottles during the blow-molding process, enables leak detection at production speeds normally associated with high-end blow-molding machines, according to the manufacturer. When pressurized air passes through an orifice, it generates an ultrasonic signal. The LeakMonitor reduces the signal to an electronic waveform; deviation of the waveform from predetermined parameters can be used to identify defects in the product or in machine components. The company states that the machine helps eliminate costs associated with wasted compressed air and production downtime caused by excessive air consumption from leaks.

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