January 29, 2014

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Automation upgrade program

The Telemecanique® Modicon® Advance program offers three levels for upgrading automation systems, based on a facility's maintenance schedule and budget. It offers simple, phased or complete migration to Modicon PLCs and software, the co. reports. The customer identifies which type of upgrade best fits its situation. Partial migration is a single-step upgrade to a Modicon Quantum™ processor while retaining 984 Ladder Logic software. The upgrade offers improved processor reliability, faster speeds and increased communication throughout the operation. Incremental migration is a three-phased approach that migrates a system to a Modicon Quantum processor, IEC 61131-3 Unity™ software and upgraded, remote I/O and wiring. This upgrade also includes a conversion from 984 Ladder Logic software to a Unity Quantum PLC or a Unity Premium PLC, as well as all user documentation. Total migration is a complete, single-step switchover to the components featured in the incremental migration process.

Schneider Electric, 800/392-8781. www.telemecanique.com

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