Conveyors move bottle production in house

March 11, 2015

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Conveyors move bottle production in house
Dynamic Conveyor custom system


Dynamic Conveyor custom system

Today, many companies are bringing their blow molding operations in house to reduce costs and as an eco-friendly solution to transporting empty bottles. When MaJe Inc. worked with POM Wonderful to bring its bottle production in house, the company looked for custom conveyor systems that provided many options, were sustainable, and could be delivered and installed within a tight deadline. They found that Dynamic Conveyor Corporation produced such a system.


POM Wonderful grows and markets pomegranates and pomegranate-based products and is committed to wellness, including the well-being of the planet and thus employs sustainable business practices.


"The DynaCon system was one of the easiest ways to get a conveyor that we could find," says Jeff Hull, Project Manager at MaJe Inc. "We were able to lay out what we needed and get the pieces in the plant and assembled very quickly. It was much faster than any other option."


MaJe Inc. performs project management and engineering services, including wastewater and environmental compliance, for various beverage companies including PepsiCo.


For the project, MaJe Inc. installed three blow molding machines and took advantage of the wide variety of conveyor systems offered by Dynamic Conveyor and used different types of conveyors for different areas of the process, including pulling bottles from the molding machines and taking scrap from the blow molders to be reground and reused.


"We used incline conveyors for moving the scrap," Hull says. To cool the scrap, cooling fans and specialized belts were used for airflow. "We had a lot of options so we could design the system to best serve our customer without having to extend the timeline."


In addition to the quick delivery and wealth of customizable options, Hull says the DynaCon system "was very easy to configure and fit into the space."


Source: Dynamic Conveyor

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