What Do Disneyland and Packaging Have in Common?

Medtronic’s James Inabinett will reveal how Disney Imagineering concepts can revolutionize packaging design at thePACKout conference.

Kassandra Kania, Freelance Writer

April 30, 2024

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Walt Disney World Resort
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As a Florida resident, James Inabinett, senior engineering manager for Medtronic, has spent much of his time at Disney theme parks. Fueled by a desire to learn the stories behind the attractions, he started to read every book he could find on the topic of Imagineering, the creative engine that designs and builds Disney theme parks.  

“The innovative techniques used by Disney Imagineers can be applied to all creative ventures, so it made sense to share these concepts with my fellow packaging engineers,” says Inabinett, who will share his findings with attendees in a thePACKout session titled “Package Imagineering: Sparking Creative Package Designs through Disney Thinking.”

Inabinett hopes to entertain the audience by showcasing the Imagineering principles in familiar Disney theme park attractions while inspiring attendees to use the techniques to create innovative package designs. Some of these include thinking differently, knowing your audience, and telling a story.


“These concepts have helped me become a better engineer, and I hope for a similar impact in others,” he says.

During the presentation, Inabinett will share real-life examples of Disney creations, as well as recent packaging innovations to spark attendees’ imaginations.

When asked what he looks forward to the most during the event, Inabinett replied: “Professional Development. I’ve done several internal presentations over the years, but this is a chance for me to network and share my voice with the broader packaging network.”

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