Energy efficient motor solution package

Jack Mans, Plant Operations Editor

March 11, 2015

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Energy efficient motor solution package
Lenze - MF motor white background

Lenze Americas has expanded support to material handling operations 298802-Lenze_MF_motor_white_background.JPG

Lenze - MF motor white background

ith its fully integrated energy efficient solution package comprised of DSD software, MF(multiple frequency) gear motor with GKR bevel gearbox, and the 8400 motec with VFC eco mode. 

"Virtually every aspect of automated material transport and the plant infrastructure rely on electric drives. Saving energy is one of the toughest challenges of today and the future," states Joel Thomas, business development - material handling and logistics, Lenze Americas. "By using the intelligent and integrated Lenze solution package, energy consumption can be reduced up to 30 percent."

The Lenze energy efficient solution package comprises a trifecta of offerings that take into account the entire drive system when specifying ‘right sized' motor drive and control components.


Drive Solution Designer (DSD)

The design process starts with Lenze DSD software which ensures precision drive dimensioning by tailoring the drive system specifically to the application requirements. DSD prevents the common problem of over-dimensioning of motors and inverter control and regulation of the drive systems. Projected energy consumption is recorded in an Energy Performance Certificate. By using DSD to select drive packages with MF motors, the customer can quickly achieve optimal energy balance with efficient drive dimensioning from a single source provider offering fully integrated products. DSD shows potential energy savings options at a glance, which makes it possible to compare several different solutions and ensure the selection of the right sized components for the material handling task.


MF Three-Phase AC Geared Motors with High Efficiency Gear Boxes

he multiple frequency motor provides a wide speed range and a high degree of efficiency due to the unique winding, while reducing the cost. The 4-pole L-force MF three-phase AC motors were developed based on these results. The electrical winding design is geared to a rated frequency of 120Hz with a supply voltage of around 400V or roughly 3,500 RPM for increased dynamic performance and productivity. Compact and highly efficient Lenze MF three-phase AC geared motors with GKR (96% efficient bevel gearbox) are inverter optimized for variable motion in power ranges of 0.55 to 22kW.
L-force MF three-phase AC motors provide added value for variable speed applications, including a compact design for space savings. Designed for tasks demanding variable setting ranges with minimal sizes, MF geared motors exceed efficiency class IE2 and deliver constant torque in speed ranges of 24:1. In comparison, conventional motors offer an adjustment range of only 12:1. Since the speed setting range is double that of conventional motors, the MF motors allow applications that require both slow and fast speeds to be implemented using a single motor, with constant torque throughout the entire setting range. A single MF motor version can serve varied application for standardized logistics and inventory processes. Compact L-force MF three-phase motors from Lenze enable energy-efficient drive solutions without costly design alterations. The inverter-optimized asynchronous motors are up to two frame sizes smaller than conventional IE2 motors, while offering the same performance output. The inertia is lower than standard AC motors and this results in high dynamic response time from 0-3500 rpm in 500 mili-seconds.


8400 Motec Inverter Drive

The advantages of L-force MF three-phase AC motors become even more apparent in drive packages with gearboxes and frequency inverters. By combining a Lenze 8400 motec inverter drive with a high efficiency geared MF three-phase AC motor, the connection is straightforward, energy efficient-and eliminates the need for a control cabinet. Featuring a power range of 0.5-10.0 HP (0.37-7.5kW), the 8400 motec offers an innovative eco energy saving function for optimizing energy in no-load and partial load operation in combination with MF geared motors, they form a complete mechatronic unit, with a compact structure ideal for installation directly in the system outside the control cabinet for additional space savings. The motec can eliminate wiring by daisy chain the power source among the adjacent units and with built in 24vdc to handle onboard I/O. No additional wiring is needed if a brake is required due to the brake output.

The decentralized 8400 motec inverter is particularly compact with a low peak height when mounted directly on the MF motor. Thanks to efficiency levels of 92 to 98 percent, the right-angle and axial gearboxes in the L-force range ensure that the energy output by the motor is transferred directly to the application with minimal losses. The 8400 motor inverter features the innovative energy-saving function VFC eco (Voltage Frequency Control economic). This intelligent energy saving function adapts the motor magnetizing current to actual process needs and consequently reduces losses, particularly in partial load operation, which in turn dramatically improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

"Classic three-phase AC motors generally increase in size as their energy efficiency improves. This not only leads to space issues inside the machine, but other negative effects, since greater inertia actually increases energy consumption when changing speeds," summarizes Thomas. "The Lenze energy efficiency solution package offers greater design freedom and ensures a ‘right sized' motor providing equal or greater output to replace larger, more costly and less energy efficient motors."

The innovative Energy Efficient Solution Package yields optimal energy savings with a trifecta of proven solutions-DSD software engineering tool, L-Force MF gear motor and 8400 motec with VFC eco mode. Lenze precision products are proven in a range of industries to deliver energy efficiency and longer service life, both critical components in material handling. With Lenze DSD software and intelligent drive and automation technology, material handling customers can make more efficient use of energy and reduce their environmental impact.


Lenze Americas, 800-217-9100.

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