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Global industrial and bulk packaging market expected to reach $134.9 billion

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Global industrial and bulk packaging market expected to reach $134.9 billion

The industrial and bulk packaging sector is gaining prominence in the global packaging market and is experiencing a rise in demand from retailers, especially advanced packaging technologies, along with the underlying increased demand for chemicals and pharmaceuticals in rapidly emerging economies. Although the industrial and bulk packaging market was negatively impacted by reduced margins due to pressure from higher production costs, the industrial and bulk packaging industry still stands firm and is likely to enhance its market share in the global packaging industry. Visiongain calculates that the global industrial & bulk packaging market will reach $134.9 billion in 2011.

The growth in the industrial and bulk packaging market will also be backed by the rising demand for containers that comply with state, federal and international regulatory requirements, especially those concerning the transport and handling of hazardous chemicals and the management of hazardous waste. Additionally, demand is likely to be strong from the chemical and oil/lubricants sectors, mainly driven by rising pharmaceutical production due to increasing reliance on medications influenced by health and safety concerns. The North American and Western European economies are successfully established markets. However, the growing economies of Asia-Pacific (India and China), Eastern Europe (Germany and Russia) and Latin America (Brazil) offer tremendous potential to explore.

Visiongain expects the global industrial & bulk packaging market to be mainly influenced by the promising performance from the Chinese and Indian, as well as Middle Eastern and Latin American industrial & bulk packaging markets. The industrial & bulk packaging market was severely impacted by the recent economic downturn, which restricted further industrial developments globally. However, technological advancements related to lightweight packaging will further boost the demand in the industry. Furthermore, key industry players and manufacturers are opting for better materials for industrial packaging purposes, which offer better storage capacity and safety.

Packaging demands are increasing constantly. To meet these packaging demands companies are striving to serve the customer base with the best resources, strategically coping with the customer trends and needs. The industrial packaging companies regularly monitor these changes in order to utilise, direct and prioritise their packaging works as per the market requirements. To substantiate, the retail market is now heavily dependent on 'just in time' and fresh delivery of products. This involves organized industrial packaging standards and planning. With advanced packaging technologies, cost-effective methods and technologies in place, the industrial & bulk packaging market is expected to expand globally.

The Industrial & Bulk Packaging Market 2011-2021 report from Visiongain details and analyses these global trends and explains where the most significant business opportunities are for industrial packaging companies.

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