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IIDC2--A new dawn for industrial digital video camerasIIDC2--A new dawn for industrial digital video cameras

Posted by Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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IIDC2--A new dawn for industrial digital video cameras

by Dave Thompson, LSI Corp.


The true sign of successful specifications are revisvision.JPG


ions driven by the industry leaders in concert with the open source community. Ethernet, SCSI and JTAG specifications are decades old, in wide use today and have been updated multiple times for ease of use and enhanced benefits.


Another example is found in the recent development of an industry standard known as the Instrumentation and Industrial Digital Camera 2 specification (IIDC2), which is a major revamping of the industry standard IIDC 1.3* and Digital Camera (DCAM) specifications.

Digital video camera functionality generally has been bi-model, as consumer digital camcorders generate compressed audio/video streams and follow the Audio Video Control (AV/C IEC-6188* specifications). In contrast, instrumentation and industrial digital video cameras generate uncompressed video streams (no audio) and follow the DCAM and IIDC 1.3* specifications. The DCAM and IIDC 1.3* specifications include extensive camera controls, for example, brightness, frame rate, shutter speed and white balance, all of which are not included in the AV/C specifications. 

this feature ran initially in EE Times. To see the entire feature, click here.


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