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David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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New Products: Equipment


Domino inket printer

Inkjet printer

The new benefits in primary and secondary applications delivered by the co.’s thermal inkjet (TIJ) printing technology will be shown at this year’s Pack Expo, with the display of its high quality G-Series of TIJ printers. The G-Series offers a broader use and application of TIJ products in specific market areas. Of key benefit to manufacturers is the G-Series’ ability to meet the ever-increasing requirement for improved quality and high speed printing onto an expanding and diverse array of substrates, thanks to 600-dpi resolution and speeds of up to 300 m/min.

Domino, 800/486-7414.




New DustPruf™ conveyors with smooth-sided SmartSlot™ technology are designed for cleaner production while maintaining flexibility. The co.’s new 2300 and 5300 series conveyors are part of the new DustPruf family of conveyors. The conveyors’ SmartSlot™ technology is designed into the frame and provides all the integration and add-on capabilities of a T-slot without the inherent drawback of debris collection. As implied by their name, the series is essentially “dust proof,” thanks to a streamlined frame design that virtually eliminates all catch points where particulates or debris can collect. The system’s design delivers a cleaner and more efficient manufacturing process.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp., 800/367-8664.




The Vertek 1150 vertical form and seal bagger is designed for pillow, gusseted and zippered pouches. Using an Omron PLC and Weinview Color touchscreen, the bagger is engineered for bag sizes up to 11.5-in. wide and production rates of up to 50-pouches/min. Pneumatically driven, the bagger offers power film unwinding, dual digital heaters, encoder-controlled film displacement, air release mechanism and tool-less removal of the forming collar. The bagger is well-suited for a diverse range of applications including: nuts, snacks, candy, coffee, fresh and frozen foods, pasta, cheese, liquids, pharmaceuticals and hardware, the co. says.

WeighPack Systems Inc., 888/934-4472.



Vertical lift

The co.’s ANT130-5-V is a linear-motor-driven wedge-style vertical lift stage that provides the resolution, accuracy and in-position stability required in nanopositioning applications, all while offering travel up to 5 mm, the co. states. It is a precision stage that is at home in industrial applications. The lift was designed for standalone use; it can also be seamlessly integrated with other stages in the co.’s ANT stage family for a multi-axis nanopositioning system.

Aerotech, 412/963-7470



Filling stations

The co. releases its two automatic liquid filling systems: The Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging System and the DFS, or Digifil®, Integrated Filling System. The Monobloc system is designed for small bottles and has the ability to run plastic Nalgene bottles as well as low volume glass bottles. The DFS system is a continuous-motion liquid filler that is operated by individual servo-motor drives. The system’s electrically/air-operated production line is designed to fill and stopper 100- to 625-mL containers at production rates of up to 90 containers/min.

Filamatic, 410/764-0900.




The co. introduces a new fully-automatic multihead weighing solution for counting individual piece weights and weighing small quantities or target weights. The concept is based on a standard memory weighing system where the outer memory hopper is replaced by a second swiveling funnel. Over weights can be discharged and correctly sorted by the second swiveling funnel via a reject chute before the packaging process. The weighing system can then continue the weighing process without interruption and no losses in the weighing performance or speed result.

Multipond, 920/490-8249.



Control panels

The co. releases its stainless steel variants of the CP77xx and CP79xx Panel series. With the stainless steel control panels and panel PCs, the co. introduces control and display units that meet the strict hygiene regulations for the food, packaging and medical industries as well as for cleanrooms. The stainless steel panels with IP 65 protection feature a virtually gapless housing design with flush-mounted touch screens. The panel PC variant is equipped with an energy-efficient Intel® Atom™ processor and represents a high-performance industrial PC with slimline stainless steel housing design, the co. states.

Beckhoff Automation, 952/890-0000 .




The P3c V/F/F/S Constant Motion Bagmaker features a welded tubular steel frame with a center-balanced profile that allows weighers and volumetric fillers to be direct-mounted to the machine, a cost-effective option to additional floor-mounted support, the co. states. Constant motion film profile improves speed and bag registration while incorporating positive product stripping necessary for efficient snack food packaging. The P3c can produce up to 120-bags/min, thanks to all-servo motion controls.

Kliklok-Woodman, 770/981-5200.



Touch screen

The co.’s “GT02” series features a 3.8-in. STN monochrome, programmable touch screen with 3-color LED backlighting. The series is intended for applications requiring a compact, high-quality touch screen, as it provides the brightness of 500 candelas, high-resolution (240 W x 96 H dots) and high contrast ratio (40:1) in its LCD display. Its SD/SDHC memory card slot supports up to 32GB memory and assures easy maintenance of the machine by enabling program transfer without using a PC and transfer cable, the co. says.

Panasonic, 877/624-7872.



Partner announcement

The co. announces that it is now an ABB Robotics authorized partner. In addition to its standard product line, the co. will now offer the industry ABB products, including the FlexPicker™.

Fallas Automation, 254/772-9524.



Adhesive applicators

The co. releases its hot melt adhesive applicators, the AutoPack HP-20, the AutoPack 500 and the AutoPack 900 series. The HP-20 system is preconfigured for high-performance, dual-hose/dual-gun hot melt applications involving multiple valves and nozzles. This system incorporates a modular 15-lb melt tank and offers easy-to-use system controls. The 500 Series features a two-gun/two-hose configuration while the 900 Series can support up to four hoses attached to multi-valve/multi-nozzle guns for bead, slot or spray applications.

Hot Melt Technologies Inc., 248/853-2011.

Band sealer

With the new model VBS-DH-3/8-10-V Band Sealer, pressure validation is achieved through the use of self-contained compressed air; no external air is required. Easy and quick changeover and cleaning of the Teflon bands is possible due to the instant pressure release on bands placed in an open position. Uniform pressure on all sealing and cooling surfaces creates consistent quality validatable seals. These constant, secure seals are available in both .25- and .375-in. wide sizes. Gauges are easy to read and highly visible and a single line embossing coder for product marking is available.

All Packaging Machinery Corp., 800/637-8808.




The co.’s new CX-FX-Label Solution for digital full-color label printing and finishing is part of the combined solution with the co.’s CS1200 Digital Color Label Press. It produces short-run, full-color digital labels at a speed of 16.25-ft/min. The FX1200 system is ideal for use with the CX1200, but also suitable for use with other narrow web output engines. FX1200 is an off-line label production machine that accepts up to 12-in. O.D. rolls of printed output from digital label presses such as the CX1200. It “finishes” the printed output with several different operations including lamination, digital die-cutting, waste matrix removal, slitting and rewinding.

Primera Technology Inc., 763/475-6676.



Bottle sanitizer

The Microb-Blaster® for Bottles is a UV-HEPA Bottle Sanitizer. It has been designed to sanitize bottles with UV light and exchange the air inside the bottles with HEPA air filtration at the same time. It can achieve a .5 – 4 log reduction on the exposed surfaces of the bottles, the co. states. This patent-pending technology actively monitors the UV output to determine when the light source needs to be replaced.

Fogg Filler, 616/738-0261.



Spiral conveyor

The co.’s new High Capacity Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor is designed to handle full and empty bottles, cans, jars and other similar containers. Products are conveyed up or down in a continuous mass flow. The Mass Flow Spirals are equipped with extended in- and outfeed tangents to facilitate smooth side transfer to and from external conveyors. They can be delivered with 12-, 16- or 20-in. wide slats with capacities of up to 800, 1,200 or 2,000 bottles or cans/min, respectively. The systems are available in powdered coated carbon steel, stainless steel and washdown versions.

Ryson, 757/898-1530.


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