Packaging equipment: Report looks at prospects for beverage packaging machinery in China

David Bellm

March 11, 2015

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Packaging equipment: Report looks at prospects for beverage packaging machinery in China, one of China's leading B2B search platforms, analyzes beverage packaging machinery market prospects. At present, China's supply of drinking water, carbonated drinks and tea drinks' pre-treatment equipment can basically meet the market needs. Low-speed handling bottles, packing equipment, and other meet the general market process requirements. However, the market for PET bottles, metal cans and other products in beverage companies' packaging lines is basically dominated by imported equipments.

Bottled water now accounts for a larger share of China's beverage market. Bottled water and carbonated beverage packaging uses PET bottles for packaging, and while the demand is relatively low, Chinese equipment manufacturers have great potential for development. Because bottled water uses PET bottles with lower profits, the current bottle devices are based on high-speed lines. Therefore, in the bottled water and carbonated drinks market, there is room for a better competitive edge.

Over the next few years, the Chinese beverage and beer industry will enter a crucial consolidation period. During this period, the merger and reorganization of enterprises will become more frequent. More giant enterprises will form, and also occupy a larger market share.

For a long period of time, the domestic beverage market prospects will remain promising. As people's income levels increase, beverage production and consumption growth will become possible.

The traditional mainstream carbonated soft drink market will be challenged, as bottled water, tea drinks, and juice drinks, functional drinks etc. become more and more popular with consumers. Beverage market development drives the beverage packaging market rapidly forward; it brings opportunities while also bringing competition and challenges. Frbiz predicts that in the next 3-5 years, the beverage market development of the existing fruit juice, tea, bottled water, functional drinks, and carbonated beverage products will turn toward low-sugar or sugar-free beverages as well as toward natural, milk and other healthy beverages. This wider range of products will create demands for more differentiated packaging.



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