PLC and Counter Module

Posted by Jack Mans

March 11, 2015

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PLC and Counter Module

The Do-more H2 Series PLC line offers features and perfor298365-Do_MoreCPU_H2_CTRIO2_5x7_JPG.JPG


mance of high-end PLCs for an economical price. Using the proven DirectLOGIC DL205 hardware as a platform, the Do-more H2 PLC supports all base units, discrete and analog I/O modules available for the DL205 PLC. The H2 CPUs offer four times more program memory, nine times more data memory, and operate at speeds up to 20 times faster than current DL205 CPUs. A Do-more CPU installed in a DL205 9-slot base supports up to 256 I/O points. The I/O Configuration window performs full auto-discovery of all I/O modules in the local base, simplifying system configuration. H2 series CPUs reduce system cost and space by including embedded communications ports. The accompanying next-generation high-speed counter module (H2-CTRIO2) has four independently configurable timer/counter channels (up to 250 kHz) and two pulse output generators (up to 250 kHz). All configuration and profile setup functions are built into the Do-more Designer software to integrate the module with the application logic.

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