Redesigned Capping Head Offers Tool-Free Torque Adjustment

Fogg Filler’s new design simplifies torque changes. Adding the feature to existing capping heads is quick and easy.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

August 27, 2021

A new torque-adjustment feature for Fogg Filler Model 26.1 capping heads makes it quick and easy to increase or reduce torque with no tools required.

Previously, torque adjustments required an Allen wrench to loosen a screw on the front of the capping head. Loosening the screw allowed the gauge to turn, changing the torque. With the new design, the operator holds tightly onto the capping head’s ribbed area and pulls up to disengage the jaws. The head can then be rotated to achieve the desired torque.

The new capping head design is available for all the company’s cappers, including Fogg Standard, 700 Series, Pick-N-Place, and Articulating Jaw models.

Upgrading to the new design can be done in-plant, using a kit from Fogg that includes four pieces and some springs. Or the user can send its capping heads to the company for an upgrade. Fogg is a ProMach product brand.

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