Budweiser Wisely Pivots Away from Beer Cans

The bruised brand’s Super Bowl LVIII commercials bring in barrels and bottles, the Clydesdales, and a Labrador to sway core consumers.

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

February 14, 2024

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At a Glance

  • The beer can was conspicuous in its absence in the Anheuser-Busch InBev ads during the Big Game
  • Old School ad taps the positive emotion of the Clydesdale horses ... and on-premise packaging
  • "He hates these cans!" The Jerk, 1979

A Budweiser commercial without a can of beer in sight? Yep. After last year’s debacle with a promotional can printed with transgender spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney’s face that cost the company billions in lost sales, brand owner Anheuser-Busch InBev shied away from cans for Super Bowl LVIII.

The brewer had two ads during the big game: one for Bud Light and one for Budweiser.

The Bud Light commercial briefly showed a refrigerator full of glass bottles of Bud Light before a genie appears to make beer-drinkers’ dreams come true.

To be honest, after the hullaballoo about the Dylan Mulvaney episode, I thought social media reactions would be mixed, if not brutal. What we got was … crickets. But the feed was flooded with football fans trying to win the Bud Light Giveaway and there were lots of cans pictured in the posts. Here are a couple examples:

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Truth: People love animals, like dogs and Clydesdales.

For the Budweiser brand, Anheuser-Busch InBev went “Old School” for Super Bowl LVIII.

This 1-minute commercial tells the story of how a small-town American bar is running low of Budweiser, and a snowstorm threatens its regular delivery (by truck, I’m assuming). Thankfully, the Clydesdale horses are ready to step in, and the delivery team loads barrels of beer on a horse-drawn wagon. Tension runs high when visibility becomes so bad even the animals can’t see or sense the road. But, wait, up ahead … is that the dog from the bar? It is! Saved!

Kegs roll into the bar and a party ensues.

Who doesn’t love the Clydesdales and labradors? No one, it seems. (Or puppies! Isn’t video of the Puppy Bowl XX just the cutest? But I digress.) Fans gushed about the Budweiser ad on social media, with one saying the commercial was “The winner of the game!”

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Overall, the Bud brands redeemed themselves, earning two of the three top beer ads spots from Super Bowl LVIII:

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Will it drive sales though? According to a 2024 Super Bowl advertising study from behavioral research company Veylinx, Super Bowl commercials do boost consumer demand for the products advertised.

I do feel sorry for the ignored beer can, though. What’s a disgraced package gotta do to get out of the dog house with beer drinkers?

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