Coors Banquet Beer Packaging Salutes Firefighters

Proceeds from the beer brand’s limited-edition Protect Our Protectors packaging supports the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and other fire organizations nationwide.

August 10, 2022

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Image courtesy of Coors Banquet

Devastating wildfires erupted again in 2022 in drought-lingering, fire-prone regions in the Western US especially Oregon, Washington, and California including around Los Angeles.

According to the National Intergency Fire Center, since January 1 and as of August 9, “40,584 wildfires have burned 5,864,512 acres in the US. This continues to be well above the 10-year averages of 35,905 wildfires and 4,046,163 acres burned.”

News like this grabs our attention and prompts our prayers for the people affected. This includes the brave few who run toward fires: firefighters on the front lines and those protecting communities across America risking their lives daily for others.

It’s in this spirit that Coors Banquet released limited-edition Protect Our Protectors packaging with proceeds going to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and other fire organizations nationwide.

New packs were available starting August 4.

Coors Banquet Marketing Manager, Stephanie Clanfield informs Packaging Digest that the goal of the specialized packaging is simply to raise awareness of the program. “It makes it easy for consumers to identify the point-of-purchase packaging so they know when they’re buying Coors Banquet, they’re directly supporting the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.”

In addition to the classic Coors Banquet logo that appears on the front of the 12-ounce stubby bottles, there’s also a Protect Our Protectors logo on the bottle label that matches the logo on the 6-pack carton.

The packaging is printed with a Quick Response (QR) code for consumers to scan to discover additional ways to contribute to the cause.

“It includes a link to for those wanting to make a direct donation to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation,” Clanfield adds.

Coors Banquet has been a regular contributor to the firefighters’ cause.

“[We’ve] seen how underserved the firefighter community is and have dedicated efforts to bring awareness and support to the cause for close to a decade,” Clanfield says. “Over the past eight years, Coors Banquet has donated more than $2 million dollars and used the brand’s platform to drive awareness of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation through the brand’s Protect Our West program.”

The limited-edition packaging Protect Our Protector stubby packs will be available until about mid-October.

On a personal note, I salute my deceased brother-in-law Ben Jess, who loved his dream job as a firefighter.

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