‘Every Bottle Back’ Recycling Video Scores Super Bowl LV Spot

A recycling promotion from the American Beverage Association was seen huddled among the buzz-worthy ads on Sunday during a lopsided football game.

February 9, 2021

What a game that was, right!?

For some. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pretty much pirated the “who will win?” suspense for casual fans like myself for most of the game.

A big congratulations to the amazing Tom Brady and the entire Buccaneers team and coaching staff for an incredible performance in Super Bowl LV. And to their fans, who must have been flying high in football heaven throughout and even higher when the celebration started at the conclusion.

Also, kudos to the surprising appearance of American Beverage Association’s 30-second  Every Bottle Back campaign’s “Back to One” promotional video tucked in among the other ads that generally featured celebrities and attention-getting plots and visuals.

The fast-paced video quickly summarized the entire circular supply chain. It was an impressively high-profile way to highlight the beverage industry’s goal of making sure every PET bottle is 100% recyclable (including the caps) and that it is indeed recycled. The ABA spot’s supporting brands shown were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper.

The cost to air a 30-second spot on CBS during Super Bowl LV was about $5.6 million, the same as for 2020, it was reported. 

I’d call it a win, albeit an expensive one, for the ABA and, by association, all supporters of packaging and recycling.

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