Beverage packaging: Stylish student Coke design

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Beverage packaging: Stylish student Coke design

 coke_eco_sq1.jpgI love this design. A friend here at the PD office sent me the link for this student project for a sustainable Coca-Cola bottle. I was immediately taken with it.

The design was created by student Andrew Kim. Three things in particular really impress me about it.

(1)How elegant and clean the design is. No ornamentation, nothing excessive –nothing that’s really trying to get your attention. And that’s what makes it so attention getting.

(2)How well the Coke brand(s) carry through to this format. This looks like “a Coke bottle,” despite the design having a sleek, modernist form that’s the very antithesis of the ornate, Coke-bottle swoop.

(3)The design confirms how much I really dislike the shape of most plastic soda bottles. All beverages should be contained in something so stylish.

coke_eco_sq2.jpgThe presentation is top notch too. Take a look for yourself.

And while you’re there, check out the rest of Andrew’s work — especially his renderings.

I love the look of a hand-drawn rendering. There’s a real magic to something illustrated with marker, pastel, etc. It has that human element generally missing in stuff created from software.



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