Bottle inspection system 2209

January 29, 2014

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Bottle inspection system




The new 360-deg full-view Bottle Inspection System utilizes four cameras to produce a seamless complete image of the bottle being inspected. The new system can inspect full or empty, plastic or glass bottles, in various colors and sizes up to 1.5-L. The system can inspect bottles at speeds up to 400-bottles/min. The system has an aluminum enclosure around a conveyor and features a touchscreen operator interface mounted onto a side panel. As a bottle passes through the enclosure at any orientation, it triggers four cameras to capture images of the bottle simultaneously. The analysis software performs the routines that calculate the bottle's coordinates and determine whether the correct label has been placed in the proper position on the bottle. If for any reason a bottle fails inspection, it is tracked and diverted through a soft reject mechanism.

Mettler-Toledo Inc., 800/447-4439.


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